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Users can get WhatsApp tips for chats transfer, backup and restore on iOS.

1. Can I transfer files of one WhatsApp account between two iPhones?

No. FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer for iOS is not able to transfer files of one WhatsApp account between two iPhones. As is known to all, WhatsApp doesn't support logging into an account on two iPhones in the meantime. Thus, none WhatsApp data transferring tools can make it.

On which occasion can you use WhatsApp Transfer for iOS?

Precondition: This software only supports transferring between two different accounts.

1. No WhatsApp record on the target device

If you want to transfer the data to a brand new device or you have never installed WhatsApp on it, there is no problem in transferring the WhatsApp files.

2. There is WhatsApp record on the destination iPhone

If the destination iPhone is not entirely new and you have installed WhatsApp on it, you still can transfer the WhatsApp data. However, the files will mix up with the previous materials.

When you purchase a new iPhone and are plagued by transferring important files in WhatsApp to it, in this case, we highly recommend using FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer for iOS.

2. Will the other data on my phone be affected?

3. How long will it take to transfer, back up & restore WhatsApp?

4. How do I open WhatsApp backup?

5. Where is WhatsApp backup stored?

6. Why can't I preview full WhatsApp messages?

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