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Before installing WhatsApp Transfer for iOS, you should download it.

Win version:

Step 1:Open the installation package and click OK after selecting the setup language you want.

Setup Language

Step 2:Click Next to continue Setup Wizard.

Setup WhatsApp Transfer

Step 3:Read the License Agreement. If you agree with it, accept it and choose Next to go on.

Agree License

Step 4:Select a target folder to save the program on your computer by clicking Browse.Make sure there is enough free disk space. Then, Hit Next  to continue.

Select Saved Location

Step 5:When it comes to select additional tasks as below, check the shortcuts and the authorization you need, then move on.

Select Additional Tasks

Step 6:Check the setup information and start Installation.

Ready Install

Step 7:At last, when it finishes the installation, check or uncheck Launch application and click Finish to exit setup.

Step 1:Click Start in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Select Additional Tasks in Installing FonePaw

Step 2:Choose Apps.

Step 3:Find out "FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer for iOS 1.1.0" under Apps & features and click "Uninstall".

Uninstall Under Apps & features

Step 4:You will have a pop-up note as below. If you are so sure to thoroughly remove FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer for iOS and all of its components, click "Yes".

Uninstall WhatsApp Transfer Confirm

Step 5:The program was successfully removed from your computer. Just click "OK" to finish the process.

When you launch the WhatsApp Transfer for iOS on your computer, there is always a pop-up window leading you to Free TrialBuy Now and Register.

  • If you have finished purchasing WhatsApp Transfer for iOS, you can enjoy full features and service without limit after registering.
  • If not, you can click "Buy Now" to purchase it. Then, click "Register" to activate the program.
Free Trial

Here are the steps to register the program.

1. Enter the email address and registration code.

  • Make sure that the email address is the one that you used to purchase the software.
  • Check the registration code sent from FonePaw in your mailbox.

2. Tap "Register" button.

Register WhatsApp Transfer

Step 1: Connect Devices to Computer

Connect your device to computer and tap "Trust" on the phone to make it detected by FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer.

Connect to PC

Step 2: Select Device-to-device Transfer

Choose Device-to-device Transfer feature to get started. Be aware that the old iPhone should be the Source phone and the new iPhone should be the Target phone.

Select Source Phone

Step 3. Click Start Transfer to begin.

When the process finishes, restart the phone and log in to your WhatsApp account, you will see all the WhatsApp chat history and other data shown on the new iPhone.