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The frequently asked questions about FonePaw Screen Recorder are showed here. If you have other problems, contact support team please.

1. The recording file size so large, how comes?

Generally, the recording file in WMV format with almost 2 minutes, only takes up 32MB, which is not a big size. If you still tend to reduce the size, there are two ways for you:

Way 1. Re-customize the output settings before recordin

For example, choose MP4 format, middle or low quality (if you think it is OK), and even reduce annotating operation in the recording.

In fact, those operation may influence the effect of the output video or audio. Thus, please re-consider and try.

Way 2. Compress the output file.

FonePaw Video Converter Ultimate can work for compressing video size.

Select Video Compressor feature > Add file > change the, size, format, resolution, bitrate, and storage location of your exported video > Preview and Compress.

2. What is Audio Driver on Mac?

There is a FonePaw Recording Audio Driver on your Mac. The driver helps to record internal sound from your Mac computer when using FonePaw Screen Recorder.

If you tend to detect whether the driver is working, check it as below. You can remove the driver only but Screen Recorder cannot be used in normal way after uninstalling.

To remove FonePaw Recording Audio Driver, click Uninstall or check here >>.

3. My voice/microphone sound in the recording is distorted. How to fix this?

For Windows:

If you are using FonePaw Screen Recorder for Windows, you should fix the distorted sound with the following methods.

Select higher audio quality: On the homepage, click the three-line icon and select Preferences. Navigate to Output > Audio Quality. Select Lossless or Highest quality.

Configure audio channels: On the homepage, open Preference and navigate to Audio Quality. Click Open Sound Dialog. Under the playback devices, select the default audio device and choose Configure Speakers. Set the Audio channels to Stereo.

Select rate and bit depth with higher quality: Go to Preferences > Open Sound Dialog. Under Recording devices tab, select the default audio device and then click Properties. Under the Advanced tab, select a rate and bit depth with higher quality.

Update your audio driver: Go to Device Manager, select your audio driver, right-click it and choose Update Driver Software.

For Mac:

If you are using FonePaw Screen Recorder for Mac:

Select Audio Boost. On the homepage, click the drop-down menu beside the sound icon, then click Options and tick Audio Boost.

4. The video playback is choppy and jerky. How comes?

The computer’s performance and program configurations may be the vital factor affecting the capturing, so you can try to fix your issue:

Please move to "Preferences" > "Output" to reset the related items. Make some configurations as following:

-choose MP4 format in the drop-down;

-select H264 in Video codec;

-change the frame rate to 20 fps;

-select Middle or High quality.

Now, please record the screen activity again.

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