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Dear FonePaw users:
Thanks for using FonePaw Android Data Recovery. Your individualized needs and ardent expectations make big difference for our customers experience improvement plan. Any comment and demand would be accepted genuinely.

Why did you uninstall FonePaw Android Data Recovery?
  •  It can't detect my device.
  •  It failed to analyze my device.
  •  Scanning Process got stuck.
  •  Lost data can't be found.

    Have you rooted your device?

    •  Android has been rooted.
    •  Android hasn't been rooted.
    •  Unsure whether Android is rooted or not.
  •  Lost data have flaw when preview.
  •  Poor quality of recovery.
  •  Expensive.

    What's reasonable price you would like to pay?

    •  Free
    •  10~19.95 USD
    •  20~29.95 USD
    •  30~39.95 USD
    •  40~49.95 USD
    •  50+ USD
  •  Payment issues.

    Having payment issues? Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How did you lose your data?
  •  Delete by accident.
  •  Device is lost, crashed, or broken.
  •  System upgrade.
  •  Factory data reset.
  •  Dead device.
  •  Device is locked by a forgotten password.
  •  Water damaged device.
What kind of data do you want to recover?
  •  Contacts
  •  Text Messages
  •  WhatsApp Messages
  •  Call Logs
  •  Photos
  •  Videos
  •  Notes
  •  Calendars
  •  Audios
  •  Bookmarks
  •  App Data
  •  Viber
  •  Other
What is your Android device?
What is your Android OS version?
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