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Video Cutter: Trim Your Video with the Wonderful Editing Features

  • 8 features let you create your own video.
  • Fast video cutting with basic and advanced clip.
  • Convert or export your clips as different formats.

Basic Clip & Advanced Clip

The basic clip feature meets the most basic video cutting needs. It cuts the video into different parts. If you want to cut the video precisely, you can choose the Advanced Clip. You can set the exact start and end time and decide to save all clips or merge them into one.

Basic Clip & Advanced Clip
Video Merging

Video Merging

Want to merge multiple video clips into one? The video/audio joiner helps you to do that. It allows you to merge not only videos but also audios into one media file. More importantly, the steps are easier than most video editors.

Best Video Quality Enhancement Solution

You can easily improve video quality by increasing video resolution, adjusting brightness and contact;reducing noise and shaking of a video.

Upscale Video Resolution

Convert the low-resolution video to high resolution video.

Optimize Brightness and Contrast

Improve the brightness, contrast, hue, etc. to make your video more enjoyable.

Remove Video Noise

Distinguish and remove noise to create a clean and clear video.

Reduce Video Shaking

The anti-shaky feature helps you produce a stable and professional video.

Upscale Video Resolution

More Video Edting Features



Video Cutter allows you to rotate the video to 90 degrees by clockwise or counterclockwise as you like. Even better, you can convert the portrait video to landscape or vise versa.

Features Free Trial Version Pro Version
The time length you can save after editing 5 Minutes (Save half when the video is less than 5 minutes) Unlimited
Available time 30 Days One month/One year/Lifetime
All video editing features Right Right
Technical support Right

User Guide: How to Trim Your Video

Step 1.

Launch FonePaw Video Cutter and choose the functions that you are going to use.

Step 2.

Hit the Add File button to add the media files or drag the video/audio into it directly.

Step 3.

Begin editing the video/audio.

Step 4.

Choose the output format and output folder. Click Save to export the video/audio.
Launch FonePaw Video Cutter
Add File
Begin editing the video/audio
Choose the output format

What Our Customers Have Said

I am not so familiar with some complicated editing software. But FonePaw Video Cutter is easy to use. It doesn’t take me too much time to learn and I get started fast to edit my video.--read more

Used by 90,000+ Customers

379 reviews
FonePaw Review


I use it to cut and merge my video and audio together. And sometimes I will add the watermark to the music video I make. Undoubtedly, this is a multifunctional video cutting tool.

Used by 90,000+ Customers

351 reviews
FonePaw Review


The video cutter is professional in video cutting and video quality enhancement. I mostly use it to do some basic video cutting jobs. It’d be better if it can add features like a voice changer.

Used by 90,000+ Customers

351 reviews
FonePaw Review


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