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MovPilot Review 2024: Pros, Cons, Features, Pricing, and More

author Phoebe Clinton
date Tuesday, January 02, 2024

MovPilot, an industrial-leading brand, is considered the most professional streaming video download service provided, with its superior downloading programs and awesome functions provided. Nevertheless, for any of you who first hear about MovPilot, you would still wish collecting more information about it before determining whether to start using its programs.

Therefore, this MovPilot review will lead you to dive into an in-depth introduction to the brand and also its programs. Is it worth trying? How does it give factor in downloading streaming videos? All answers can be found next. Now, please keep reading.

MovPilot Video Downloaders

What Can I Get from MovPilot?

As an all-rounded streaming video downloading helper, MovPilot has launched 5 video downloaders, oriented for the 5 most trending online streaming platforms: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, and Disney Plus.

The most fundamental functioning principle for these 5 MovPilot video downloaders is to decode the DRM protection (so-called Digital Rights Management) from the streaming videos, and then download them from encrypted format to regular media files in MP4 format. Compared with the official download function, this service brought by MovPilot helps you to remove all restrictions adopted by the officials, and gets the DRM-free local videos.

MovPilot offers an effortless path to facilitate a more flexible video streaming experience offline, allowing you to play them across devices and players, even without subscribing to any premium plan of these on-demand video streaming platforms or installing their applications at all. These video downloads can also be kept without expiration unless you manually delete them.

MovPilot Streaming Video Downloaders: A Full Overview

Now, after having an overview of MovPilot, let's keep an eye on the video downloaders launched by it.

The 5 streaming video downloaders developed by MovPilot have adopted the same coding techniques, which ensure they function in the same powerful way to unlock DRM and download streaming videos from all these 5 trending platforms respectively for you.

Before heading to install any of these MovPilot downloaders, please walk through their sparkling features below first.

Interface of MovPilot Downloaders

Unlimited Downloads in Full HD Definition

As all MovPilot video downloaders are not regulated by the official on-demand streaming platforms, they don't set any download limits at all. You can process unlimited video downloads everyday with original HD definitions retained, in that frees your streaming experience offline in a smoother way.

Original Audios and Subtitles Retained

Despite the video quality, MovPilot video downloaders can smartly detect multi-lingual audio as well as subtitle sources, subsequently, providing the options to enable you to download the videos. Meanwhile, audio effects like Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and also 3 patterns of subtitle outputs can also be retained, greatly facilitating a theatre-like movie or TV series streaming experience at home.

Flexible Downloading Settings

Accelerated Batch Download Speed

MovPilot streaming video downloaders also adopt advanced techniques to ensure the video download to be more efficient. They will all function at the least 5X faster-accelerated speed to shorten the time waiting for the process to complete.

Plus the batch download feature, you can get multiple downloads once and for all, in that which saves a lot of time and effort in manipulating the video downloads one by one manually.

In-built Browser Attributes to High Success Rate

Another sparkling feature of MovPilot downloaders should be their in-built browsers which can access the official video database. This technique prevents you from installing the official programs and building up the synchronization anymore, greatly improving the downloading success rate.

Meanwhile, you only need to type in keywords in the search bar provided in the downloaders, the video results will be delivered. Subsequently, tap the download buttons directly to save the videos offline.

How to Use MovPliot Streaming Video Downloaders

Because MovPilot are developed with the same function and designed with a similar interface, their operations are nearly the same. Therefore, please go further to master the steps on how to use MovPilot streaming video downloader and download videos from the on-demand video streaming platforms.

Here we will take MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader as an example to walk through the whole process with you. Please scroll down and read to learn how to downlaod Netflix movies on your laptop or computer.

Step 1. Log in Utilizing Your Account

First, please install MovPilot Netflix Video Downloader and run it on desktop. You would be asked to log in your Netflix account and access the in-built browser. Please complete the login and open the main interface of the video downloader (the screen with a searching bar equipped).

Log in Netflix ID

Step 2. Search for Netflix Videos to Download

Please type in keywords to the searching bar. Once the video results are delivered, you can select the videos you wish to download offline. Pasting the video URL to the searching bar to find the video accurately is also supported.

Search Netflix Videos

Step 3. Configure Download Settings

Subsequently, you can click on the gear icon on the top-right of the screen to open the Setting window. Here, you can personalize the download settings such as the video format, video codec, languages for both audio and subtitles and the subtitle types you need in preferences.

Personalize Download Settings

tips Tips:
  • You can also do the settings for each Netflix video separately by clicking on the setting button provided next it.

Settings for Independent Video

Step 4. Download Netflix Videos

When all settings are completed, congratulations! Now you only have one step left.

Please click on the Download icons provided for the Netflix videos you wish to download now, then the downloader will initiate the process and proceed with the video downloading in no time. You can monitor the progress on the right menu at any time.

Download Netflix Videos

Once the Netflix video download is completed, you can access them under the History module. By clicking on the folder icon, the destination folder will pop up and you can find the local video file to stream offline in no time.

Finish Netflix Video Downloading

MovPilot Streaming Downloaders: Pros & Cons

Objectively speaking, MovPilot streaming video downloaders are equipped with both good and negative sides. They conclude the following ones you can pay attention to:


  • Powerful to decrypt streaming media DRM protection adopted by on-demand video providers.
  • Full HD definitions are provided to select downloading online videos.
  • Original images, sound effects, and subtitle sources of multi-lingual languages can all be retained.
  • 3 subtitle types to selecting downloading accompanying the videos
  • Its downloading speed is accelerated and can process batch downloads at once.
  • The programs all deliver high success rates and great efficiency by embedding the in-built web browsers to access official music databases.


  • All MovPilot downloaders are not free at all, so you have to pay to access the full download features provided by the programs.

Is MovPilot Worth Buy?

When MovPilot downloaders are not a free cake, you should consider whether their existence could definitely cater to your convenience. Compared to the official subscription plans, the most superior benefit that MovPilot video downloaders can bring should be its ability to keep the video downloads permanent. Actually, those on-demand video platforms need you to keep subscribing, or the video downloads will expire and are not permitted to be downloaded once again.

Surely, MovPilot streaming video downloaders also provide more competitive pricing options to save your expenses if you need such a program in the long run. You get monthly subscription, annual subscription, and lifetime purchase to select. The pricing table is as follows:

Plans Pricing
1-Month Plan $15.95
1-Year Plan $59.95
Lifetime Plan $128.95

Please determine your selection based on the real needs! More information about the program purchase can be found on MovPilot online store.

MovPilot Subscription Plans


Although on-demand streaming platforms have regulated the video playback experience strictly, MovPilot streaming video downloaders have developed ways to bypass all obstacles and bring a free video streaming experience to you again. If you also consider a restriction-free experience to enjoy high-definition movies or TV series at home, MovPilot downloaders are all you need!