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Quickly find an answer to the frequently asked questions about FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery. Or send your unanswered question to support team directly.

1. What's the difference between the trial version and the registered version of the program?

The trial version and registered version are exactly the same product. The only functional difference between them is that the trial version can only scan iTunes backup files, iCloud backup files and iOS devices to preview the lost data but get them back. You need to pay for it to recover and save the scanned data to your computer in the last step.

That we provide the trial version for customers is to see whether the program can scan out their lost data or not. If our program can scan them out and show out, it means this program can help to recover what they want.

2. Under what circumstances can FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery work?

3. Is it safe to use this program?

4. iPhone Data Recovery System Requirements & supported devices

5. Why do I need the latest version of iTunes to connect and scan my device?

6. Why shouldn't I run iTunes when recovering files?

7. Can iPhone Data Recovery recover audio files?

8. Can I choose several items to recover at one time?

9. For the existing files, can I preview and backup them to my computer?

10. Can I use the program on two computers with one registration code?

10. Can I use the program on two computers with one registration code?

10. Can I use the program on two computers with one registration code?

11. Why can't I import recovered files to iOS device with iPhone Data Recovery?

12. Why can't I find any data from “Recover from iOS Device” mode?

13. Why can't we find all of the deleted files?

14. Why do I fail to recover some photos?

15. What should I do if FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery do not detect my device?

16. What to do if the program freeze or crash?

17. What to do if I encounter the "failed to analyze"?

18. How to fix it when the iPhone is stuck with white Apple logo?

19. The note "Apple ID or Password is incorrect" always exits even though I confirm they are right, how come?

20. Why can't I register the program successfully?

21. Why I can't preview the lost videos with the free trial version?

22. Why I got the thumbnails of photos and even videos with iPhone Data Recovery?

23. If I buy the wrong product by mistake, can I exchange it?

24. Can it load the encrypted iTunes backup?

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