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The frequently asked questions about FonePaw DoTrans are showed here. If you have other problems, contact support team please.

1. Do I need to keep iTunes installed on my PC when using DoTrans?

Please make sure iTunes is installed on your computer and keep it in the latest version when using this program. It needs certain data from iTunes, although iTunes should not be launched when our program is running. If you uninstall iTunes from your PC, your iOS device won't be recognized by our program so iTunes is necessary to make your iDevice detected.

2. Why my iPhone/iPad is connected but cannot be detected by the program?

To fix the detecting issue, please try:

1. Re-connect your phone to PC. Then unlock the device and tap "Trust" on your device.

2. Change other USB cable to try again.

3. Make sure you are using the latest version. Otherwise, update it.

4. Install the latest version of iTunes and check whether iTunes can recognize your iPhone.

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