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The frequently asked questions about FonePaw Data Recovery are listed here. If you have other problems about files recovery, contact support team please.

1. Can I recover the data deleted one year ago or even longer time ago?

Only if the deleted data hasn't been overwritten by the newly-written data on that hard drive, the data can be retrieved with the program. Thus, whether the files can be recovered doesn't depend on the deleting time.

2. Why FonePaw Data Recovery found nothing after scanning?

If the scanning process goes well and you cannot find anything, the data may be overwritten by other new data on hard drive, memory card or other removable drive. Once the sector saving data is written with "0", the lost file is deleted permanently.

3. Why I cannot open the recovered files?

Generally, the recovered files can be opened as the original ones. When you cannot open the files, the data may be overwritten by new data or damaged. Thus, here suggest you select Deep Scan again to try.

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