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4 Easy Ways to Retrieve Deleted Texts on Samsung

author Carrie Murray
date Wednesday, August 24, 2022

You may have kept some important text messages on Samsung devices, including those for business purposes, or recording some valuable moments that happened in your life. However, when there are sudden situations such as the system crashes, device damage, accidental deletion, virus attack, rooting errors, etc., it would easily cause you to lose those important texts on the devices.

Hence, in order to prevent such issues from happening and enables users to retrieve deleted texts if they do lose them accidentally, this blog has collected the 4 hassle-free ways to deal with these situations, thus helps you recover deleted messages on Samsung once again. Now, you are able to grasp them below. Let's get started!

Retrieve Deleted Texts on Samsung with FonePaw Android Data Recovery [No Backup]

To get started, the first method to recover deleted texts on Samsung is provided to those who haven't backed up the messages before. If you consider to retrieve these them on the devices, you will need help from a professional Samsung data recovery software, which is FonePaw Android Data Recovery.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery is perfectly compatible with both Windows and Mac devices, enabling users to easily recover deleted data or files on Android devices of different brands, includin Samsung without hassle. The software is able to detect over 100 types of data on Samsung, then brings the fastest performance (with the ability to scan and recover 1000+ files within a second) to help retrieve the lost data resulted from a variety of life scenarios, including the most commonly-seen situations such accidental deletion without backup, system update failure, virus attack, device damage, and so on. For the deleted texts on Samsung, FonePaw Android Data Recovery is able to scan in-depth to retrieve them from the Internal memory of the device for you with ease.

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Highlighted Features of FonePaw Android Data Recovery

  • Compatible with data of 100+ types;
  • Accelerated speed available to scan and retrieve data quickly;
  • Perfectly supported to recover data on Android of various mainstream brands;
  • Available to deal with data loss happening in different situations;
  • Flexible modes are provided to scan devices in-depth and process data recovery at a pretty high-success rate.

Now, let's grasp the ultimate guide below and process to retrieve deleted texts on Samsung via FonePaw Android Data Recovery:

STEP 1. Once you install FonePaw Android Data Recovery and launch it on your desktop, connect your Samsung device to the computer for syncing with the software.

tips Note:
  • You are required to navigate to Settings > "About Phone" > "Developer options" > "USB Debugging" on the Samsung device to enable the option on, or the connection will fail.

Detect and Connect with Samsung Device

STEP 2. When the device is well-connected with FonePaw Android Data Recovery, the software will allow you to select the file types to scan. On this interface, you should select "Messages" or retrieving the deleted texts on Samsung again. When you hit the "Next" icon, FonePaw Android Data Recovery will perform to scan the internal memory of your Samsung device to access the deleted texts.

Select Messages to Retrieve Deleted Texts on Samsung

STEP 3. Before starting the scanning process, FonePaw Android Data Recovery will test whether your Samsung device is rooted and has installed FonePaw app already. If not, it will automatically help add the FonePaw app on your device. You are required to enable the installation on your Samsung device and allow FonePaw app to access the preserved data on the device. Don't worry as the FonePaw app will be deleted once the text recovery is completed.

tips Note:
  • If your Samsung device has been rooted, FonePaw Android Data Recovery will automatically activate the "Deep Scan" mode to scan your device in-depth without going through these operations.

Install FonePaw App via USB

STEP 4. After the scanning process completed, FonePaw Android Data Recovery will list all the texts it's accessed. Now, just select the deleted items you desire to recover on Samsung. By hitting the "Recover" icon and wait for a moment, the software will complete the text recovery for you.

Recover Deleted Texts on Samsung

It is noted that FonePaw Android Data Recovery is able to scan and recover deleted texts on Samsung not only from the internal memory of the device, but also from external memory such as the SD card and SIM card, thus bringing up the success rate and retrieving more data without hassle!

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Recover Deleted Text Messages on Samsung from Cloud Backup

Actually, Samsung devices offer a functionality called Samsung Cloud to enable users to back up data and files to prevent unexpected loss of important content on the devices. Hence, if you regularly use Samsung Cloud to back up the texts received on your phones, you are able to retrieve the deleted messages from Samsung Cloud backup with just very basic clicks. Here guides you how to use it:

STEP 1. Open Settings on your Samsung device, then scroll down to access the "Cloud and Account" option.

STEP 2. Select "Samsung Cloud" > "Messages" > "Trash".

STEP 3. In the trash list, you are available to discover the deleted texts. Simply select the items you desire to recover on Samsung again.

STEP 4. After the selection, directly hit the "Restore" icon and the deleted texts can be recovered on your Samsung device right away.

Recover Deleted Texts from Samsung Cloud

Retrieve Deleted Texts on Samsung with Samsung Smart Switch

Another similar functionality delivered by Samsung officials should be the Samsung Smart Switch, which also enables users to directly retrieve deleted texts on Samsung if you have created the backup on it. Unlike Samsung Cloud, which is a built-in feature provided on all Samsung devices that is available to automatically sync the data for backing up to cloud, Samsung Smart Switch is an application used for manually creating backups for the old Samsung devices to your Windows PC or Mac computers, then restoring them to the new ones.

Recover Deleted Texts Using Samsung Smart Switch

Hence, if you have created a backup for the deleted texts through Samsung Smart Switch before, congratulations! You are only required to access the text backup on your computers and restore them to your Samsung device again. But for those who haven't installed Samsung Smart Switch to create backups for the text messages, returning back to methods of using FonePaw Android Data Recovery or from Samsung Cloud is able to help.

Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on Samsung by Contacting Phone Carriers

Actually, some phone carriers are able to provide the data recovery service to help you retrieve the personal data, including the text messages you have received on the phones. Hence, you are able to try to contact your phone carriers to help search for your historical data. They may have kept a record of the deleted texts as evidence of your billing details. If your phone carriers are able to access the deleted texts, you may be required to pay an additional service fee to recover these text messages on Samsung again.

More Tips for Samsung SMS Recovery

After reading the above sections, you are able to grasp the idea that the deleted texts are still available to be retrieved on Samsung with different methods provided to try. Finally, here are more tips available to help you know more about Samsung SMS recovery as you may still have confusion about how the above methods could work. Let's see.

Q1: Where are deleted text messages stored on Samsung?

Actually, all your text messages received or sent from your Samsung devices would be preserved to a hidden folder created in the internal memory (oftenly called the "Unused" space) of the device by default. It won't be able to access through the standard file explorer by users. Only by rooting the Android device, the saved data in it is able to be reached. That's how the Android data recovery software works. Through rooting for Android devices and accessing this hidden folder, the software is able to access the preserved SMS data (if it is not wiped), then retrieve them to the Messages app again.

Q2: How long are the deleted texts kept on my Samsung phone?

For how long the deleted texts would be stored on the devices, it would depend on the phone carriers. Normally, the deleted text messages can be preserved for a certain of time, reaching up to 2 years. Of course, if you use the devices for a frequent basis, your data will be wiped in short period in order to enable more storage space to keep running the system fluently. Hence, it is recommended to back up your data on devices regularly to prevent some hidden issues resulting in data loss in the future.

No matter you have backed up your data or not, you still have the ways to recover deleted texts on Samsung without hassle. For those non-backup users, FonePaw Android Data Recovery can be an ideal pick you are able to get started for free. Now, install it to retrieve the deleted messages on Samsung if you just lose the important ones by accident:

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