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Backup WhatsApp Chats

Do you have important WhatsApp chats that you want to save or read without having to press "load more" every time? Or you want to free up some space without losing all those memories inside? Backup your whatsapp data must be the best way to solve these issues.

Transfer WhatsApp Chats between Phones

When you get a new phone and you find that the whatsapp old messages don't automatically come with you. To deal with this case, you need to find way to transfer whatsapp data between phones.

Recover WhatsApp Chats

As a hot and popular communication tool, WhatsApp enables us to contact with each other more and more convenient. But, sometimes you may delete all WhatsApp chat history by accident and you need to find ways recover Whatsapp messages and media.

How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

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WhatsApp Recovery - Recover WhatsApp Messages from Android

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How to Recover WhatsApp Videos & Media Files from iPhone

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How to Recover WhatsApp Photos & Videos from Android

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How to Retrieve WhatsApp Messages from Samsung Galaxy

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Recover iPhone WhatsApp Messages
Recover Android WhatsApp Messages
Recover iPhone WhatsApp Media Files
Recover Android WhatsApp Media Files
Recover Whatsapp Data from Samsung

WhatsApp Alternative Apps

Messaging apps like WhatsApp is a widely popular among us. People from young to old ages depend on Whatsapp greatly because it help them connect with the whole world. Here we introduce you 5 WhatsApp alternative apps.

  • Viber can probably be considered as the most similar alternative to WhatsApp that uses the mobile number for identifying the users. It automatically detects which of your contacts already have Viber, what you need to do is select a name and start a conversation. Viber has user-friendly interface, you can easily send messages and make calls. You can also change your profile picture, identify which of your contacts already have Viber, and see who else has recently joined.

    Features :

    Support system: iOS, Android, Newest Win 10, Win Phone 8, Desktop
    Support Files: Text, Photo, Animated Gifs and Video Messages;
    Others: Lots of awesome stickers.

    Download it on Viber Official Website :

  • Skype is a perfectly reliable app that allows calls among the Skype contacts. Beside giving wonderful call experience, Skype allows text messaging as well. Skype is different in registering users. It doesn't use your mobile contact number. It is connected through a user name and email with password protection.

    Features :

    Support system: Online, PC, iOS, Android, Win Phone, BlackBerry, Xbox, Wearables;
    Support Files: Call, Message, Video, Share files;
    Others: Skype WiFi, Skype Translator, Skype extension.

    Download it on Skype Official Website :

  • Line registers your phone number into its database where you can then connect with your phone contacts who are LINE users. An advantage of LINE is that it allows you to reply to messages by installing a PC or MacOS program, provided you register your number with an email account. Besides text messaging, you can call other Line contacts through the app with an Internet connection.

    Features :

    Support system: iOS, Android, Win Phone, BlackBerry;
    Support Files: Text, Photo, Animated Gifs, Audio, Video;
    Others: Line Play, Line Store.

    Download it on Line Official Website :

  • Kik provides free messaging services and its standout feature is that it doesn’t require mobile number unlike other messaging apps. You can start a group chat using just a hashtag and also form a private groups. It is currently very popular among the younger generations. If you are tired of using WhatsApp and want some change Kik is a good alternative.

    Features :

    Support system: iOS, Android, Win Phone;
    Support Files: Text, Photo, Videos, Gifs. etc;
    Others: Meet new friends with similar interests.

    Download it on Kik Messenger Official Website :