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Fix 50+ iOS Stuck Scenarios

Up to 50+ common problems of OS can be fixed via this smart iOS system recovery. In addition to the issues above, iPhone update error, iPhone app stuck, etc. are supported. Try it to fix your iPhone right now!

Recovery Mode

DFU Mode

Headphone Mode

Apple Logo

Frozen Status

Screen in Black,Red or Blue

Restart Continuously

Cannot Slide to Unlock/Power off

Stuck in Updating

iPhone/iPad Disabled

iPhone is disabled

3 Repairing Modes for Your Abnormal iPhone

Free Quick Fix: Fix your device with this mode, which is free and protects your data.

Standard Mode:Quickly repair errors and glitches in iOS system without wiping out data from your device.

Advanced Mode: Deeply scan and repair potential vulnerability in iOS system. But original data will be erased during the process.

Safe Way to Repair Your System Problem

FonePaw iOS System Recovery is expert at fixing your iOS device when you cannot enter the system in normal way and compared with iTunes, it directs the users more clearly with details. Besides, it works in a really secure way so your iDevice will be dealt with no data loss.

Simple to Use to Restore the System

To proceed with the recovery, nothing special needs to be prepared. Just get your frozen/disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod plugged into PC and follow the notices in a few clicks.After that, you’re able to enter the system and begin to use the mobile which had been repaired thoroughly.

Try, Fix and Use Normally!

Now available to fix the iOS stuck issue on your iPhone or iPad and get it into normal use.

Notes for you:

  • If the iDevice is a jailbroken one, it will be back to non-jailbroken status.
  • If your iOS device has been unlocked before, actually it will be re-locked.
  • After fixing, your iPhone/iPad/iPod would be updated to the newest OS version.

User Guide: How to Use FonePaw iOS System Recovery

Step 1.

Launch FonePaw iOS System Recovery and click Start.

Step 2.

Connect iPhone to PC and select mode to fix.

Step 3.

Download firmware and repair the system.

What Our Customers Say

When I update iPhone to iOS 14, it is stuck into Apple Logo but this way solved my problem.

Used by 4,000,000+ Customers

355 reviews
FonePaw Review

Jasmine Madon

I tried to move all WhatsApp messages to new iPhone Xr. It was done but took a little

Used by 4,000,000+ Customers

355 reviews
FonePaw Review

Oliver Ricky

The backup feature is free. I have backed up twice lest the data gets lost.

Used by 4,000,000+ Customers

355 reviews
FonePaw Review

Albert John

Get iPhone/ iPad Back to Normal Status