Why My iPhone Won't Charge? Here is What To Do

By Carrie Murray, Monday, Feb. 13, 2017

"My iPhone battery dies!" This is probably one of the modern horror stories in our daily life. And thing could be worse - your iPhone won't charge. To get you out of the nightmare, here is what to do to deal with charging problem on iPhone 7/SE//6 plus/6/6s/5s/5c.

How Do You Know If Your iPhone is Charging?

First thing first, you should make sure that your iPhone really has a charging problem. As we all know, if the iPhone is charging, there is a lightning bolt  iPhone Charging Iconbeside the battery icon in the status bar, or a battery icon on the lock screen.

But when the iPhone is dead, some users can't tell if the iPhone is charging. Let's charge the iPhone for 15 minutes and then try to restart the device by long pressing the sleep/wake button. If the device doesn't response, then reset it by holding the home and sleep/wake buttons at the same time until an Apple logo appears. If nothing appears after 30 seconds, then you are sure that the iPhone is not charging.

iPhone Charging

How to Fix iPhone That Won't Charge?

After you are sure that your iPhone is really not charging, you can fix the charging problem by taking a good look at the four components that are involved: USB cable, charger, charging port and iPhone itself.

1. Check if USB Cable is Working

This is pretty obvious. Whether your are using lightning cables or 30-pin dock connector cable, check the cable and see if it is frayed or worn. If the cable looks fine, use other cable and and see if your iPhone is charging now. If it is, then you need to change a new cable.

In fact, USB cable is covered under the iPhone' s warranty. Therefore, for those users whose iPhones are still under warranty, you can go to local Apple Store with the old cable and get a free new lightning cable.

However, in most cases, the lightning cable that comes with your iPhone is very durable and  gets damaged after the warranty is expired. Some users may replace the lightning cable with 3rd-party cable that costs less than lightning cable. It is okay to use non-Apple cable but always pick Apple certified cables, which are marked with "Made for" label like this:

Make For iPhone Label

Some cheap and low-quality cables that are not authorized by Apple might be unable to use to charge your iPhone. The error "This cable is not certified and may not work reliably"may appear and prevent the cable from charging iPhone.

2. Try Another Charger

Charger can also be the reason why your iPhone won't charge. There are many power sources that you can connect your iPhone to: wall charger, computer USB port, car charger, portable charger. Try to charge your iPhone with other sources. For example, if you were using a wall charger, connect your iPhone to a laptop USB port. If it works, then you would know that the charger is broken.

Apple Charger

3. Check and Clean iPhone Charging Port

Sometimes, iPhone charging port can be clogged with dust, debris, lint, or some other small object, which also prevent iPhone from charging.

Take a close look at the charging port with a flashlight and if you find any obstruction, clean it with a clean toothbrush or blow it out with air duster. Then you can plug your iPhone into a charger and see if it is charging now.

iPhone Charging Port

4. Reboot or Restore iPhone

Charging involves not only the accessories but also iPhone itself. It is the software that recognizes the power source and starts the charging process. So if there is something going wrong with the software, your iPhone won't charge properly.

Pressing and holding home button + power button to perform a reboot or doing a restore would be good idea to fix some software problems. After the reboot or restore, charge your iPhone again to see the problem is solved or not.

Tip: A restore will delete data from iPhone. A thorough backup is a must before restoring iPhone. Besides software, hardware malfunction also results in charging problem. If your iPhone has been badly smashed, crashed, water damaged, the battery or other electronic components might be affected, and thus cause the charging problem.

If the USB cable, charger, charging port and the iPhone are all working fine and the iPhone still won't charge, you need to get professional help from Apple Store or other repair service.


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