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​How to Repair the File That Is Corrupted and Cannot Be Opened

By Emily Watson, Saturday, April 28, 2018

When a pop-up message is warning you "The file that is corrupted and cannot be opened", you are probably not allowed to open a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on the computer. The error message can occur when you try to open a Microsoft Office email attachment in Microsoft Outlook. In addition, opening an older version MS file in a new version of Microsoft Office will also result in the file being corrupted. For example, opening a file created in MS Word 2007 or earlier in MS Word 2010, the older file might be not allowed to open.

Here are some useful resolutions which help you to fix this error that the file is corrupted and can not open in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

The File That Is Corrupted and Cannot Be Opened

Resolution 1: Restore Component Security Settings

If you fail to open an MS document with "The file that is corrupted and cannot be opened" error message, you are able to should restore component security settings to the default state with few steps so as to fix the error.

STEP 1. Go to "dcomcnfg" in the "Programs" list.


STEP 2. In the left panel, right-click "My Computer" on the list of "Component Services" and choose "Properties".

Component Service

STEP 3. Select "Default Properties" tab.

STEP 4. Set "Default Authentication Level" to "Connect" and set "Default Impersonation Level" to "Identify".

Default Properties

STEP 5. Click "OK" to save the settings.

Resolution 2: Change the "Trust Center" Settings

Sometimes, your computer will consider the Microsoft email attachment is unsafe and automatically enable protected view settings to protect your computer. In this case, MS Word, MS Excel or MS PowerPoint files might not be allowed to open. Therefore, to repair corrupted MS documents, unchecking all options under "Protected View" might be helpful.

STEP 1. Open the Microsoft Office application.

STEP 2. Select "File", and then "Options". Next, choose "Trust Center".

Microsoft Trust Center

STEP 3. Click on the button under "Trust Center Settings" > "Protect View".

STEP 4. Disable all options in "Protected View" section. Image name: protected-view-in-trust-center Image alt: Protected View in Trust Center

Step 5. Restart MS Office application, and then open your corrupt Word, Excel or PowerPoint document to check if it is accessible again.

Resolution 3: Repair Corrupted Word, Excel, PowerPoint Files

If you still can't open any MS Office files, you can directly make use of FonePaw Data Recovery to recover the inaccessible Word, Excel or PowerPoint files without any modification on the settings of Microsoft Office application. Supporting Windows 10/8/7, FonePaw Data Recovery allows you to easily repair corrupted Word, Excel, PowerPoint files with just a few simple steps.


STEP 1. Launch FonePaw Data Recovery, and then select file types. Since corrupted Microsoft Office email attachment and Word, Excel, PowerPoint files are the targets to recover, you can select "Email" and "Document" as the recovering file types.

Select File Types and Location

STEP 2. After selecting the drive where the wanted file is located to, click on "Scan" button to begin to scan the selected drive.

STEP 3. If the drive is scanned out, pick out the desired Word, Excel, PowerPoint files.

STEP 4. Click on "Recover" button to recover them back to the computer.

Click Recover Button

Sincerely hope now you can get rid of the file is corrupted and cannot be opened error in Microsoft Office documents. If you have a better resolution, please share it with comments below.

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