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[Resolved] WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone/Android

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Some users reported that their WhatsApp doesn’t work after the system updating to iOS 11, and others claim that WhatsApp works fine on Cellular but not on Wi-Fi. If you had come across these situations, read this article carefully to troubleshoot and let WhatsApp work again.

Solution 1: Close WhatsApp and Restart Device

When WhatsApp doesn’t work, there may be some problems in the app temporarily. The fast way to remove the problems is to close WhatsApp.

Android users can pull up the menu and apps that you recently use are shown. Find WhatsApp and swipe it up close it; or go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp >Force Stop. After that, restart your Samsung, Pixels, etc.

Force Stop WhatsApp

iOS users can double click the Home Button, get the recent used apps, find out WhatsApp and swipe it up to close it. Also, you can hard reboot your iDevice.

i. iPhone 5/5s,6/6s users should press and hold Power button and Home button;

ii. iPhone 7/7 Plus users should press and hold Power button and Volume dDown button;

iii. iPhone 8/8 Plus,X users should press Volume Up button, Volume Down button in turn, then press and hold the Power button.

You should hold the button for at least ten seconds until the Apple logo is shown on the screen. The Apple logo will stay on the screen when your device put itself into rebooting process automatically. About 30 seconds later, unlock your device and run WhatsApp again.

Solution 2: Check the Network Connection

If your device is not connected with internet, or is kicked out of good signal, WhatsApp will not work. Make sure the followings before going any further.

1. The button of Wi-Fi or Cellular data is turned on.

2. Your device is in good network environment.

3. WhatsApp is allowed to use on Wi-Fi in Settings. Some users reflect that they can use WhatsApp on Cellular data but not on Wi-Fi for this reason.

Check Network Connection

Suppose other apps cannot work in the same network connection either, try to:

1. Disconnect and connect Wi-Fi or Cellular data.

2. Turn off and turn on Airplane Mode.

3. Connect with different Wi-Fi spots.

If there are still some problems with network, continue to read.

Solution 3: Reset Network Settings

iOS users can try to reset network settings to revive WhatsApp. Run Settings > General > Reset Network Settings. After that, you are required to type in Wi-Fi password again. Android users can also reset network settings in Settings > Reset > Reset network settings. See if the network is back to normal now and WhatsApp works.

Reset Network Settings

Solution 4: Clear Cache(Android Only)

Cache is a collection of some small files that will accumulate and slow down apps to run, of course including WhatsApp. Android users are suggested to clear cache, by running Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > clear cache. Just a few steps to free room on your phone temporarily. Open WhatsApp to see if it works now.

WhatsApp Clear Cache

iOS system clears cache automatically, but if you want to clear cache more completely, the best way is to delete the app, which will be shown in more details in Solution 5.

Solution 5: Re-Download WhatsApp

Except for clearing cache of the app in iOS system, deleting WhatsApp can also remove some mistakes of the app’s setting. iPhone/iPad users are required to press and hold the app icon, tap the “ X” on top left of the WhatsApp icon to delete it, and then go to App Store to reinstall it.

Android users have two options to delete WhatsApp: press and hold the app icon, drag it to the icon of trash can; or run Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Uninstall. Thereafter, launch Google Play to install it again.

Uninstall WhatsApp

Before deleting WhatsApp, remember to do a backup for your chat history. You can use WhatsApp's built-in backup feature to back up chats to iCloud/Google Drive. Also you can use FonePaw iOS Data Backup & Restore, which helps you to backup iPhone or iPad data, like WhatsApp messages/photos, contacts, iMessages, in a few steps. Here is the guide.


Step 1: Connect your iDevice with your PC via USB cable. Run iOS Data Backup & Restore.

Step 2: Click "iOS Data Backup" and then “Start” .

Step 3: The data you can deal with is listed on the screen. Choose what you want to keep as backup and hit “Next”. After a while, backup is completed.

Solution 6: Reinstall the System

Suppose the above methods cannot make WhatsApp work again, your phone’s system may account for the problem, you can install the phone’s system again to remove the problem.

iOS users can connect the device with your PC, run iTunes and choose Restore iPhone. Remember to  click  "Back Up Now"  to make a backup for your data, as all of them will be deleted. See more details about how to reinstall operating systems in iOS device. When the installing process is over, the iOS system will be the newest one.

Restore iPhone

It will be a complicated task for Android users to reinstall the operating system, so you are advised to update it instead of to install it again. Go to Settings > About to see if a new version of system is available.

If WhatsApp still doesn’t work, you’d better send an e-mail to WhatsApp costumer's service to get some suggestions.

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