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[Fixed] WhatsApp is Not Responding on Android/iPhone

By Elsie Wesley, Monday, March 12, 2018

WhatsApp, founded in 2009, has gained huge popularity around the world. As a mobile instant messenger, WhatsApp allows users to send instant messages, photos, videos with others. 

However, no matter how awesome it is, there are some glitches on WhatsApp such as the problem that WhatsApp is not responding. It happens when WhatsApp hangs with a pop-up message saying "WhatsApp is not responding. Would you like to close it?" Don't worry. We'll provide 6 solutions for you to fix WhatsApp not responding on iPhone/Android.

WhatsApp Not Responding Error

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Solution 1. Clear Cache of WhatsApp(Android Only)

Generally, clearing cache of WhatsApp helps to refresh the application so that you can fix the problem that WhatsApp not responding.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Applications > Application Manager > WhatsApp.

Step 2. Select Storage.

Step 3. Tap on CLEAR CACHE button.

Clear Cache

Solution 2. Re-login Your WhatsApp

As we know, there is no "Log out" button provided from WhatsApp on iPhone/Android. However, you can achieve the same result by the following methods. And then, you are able to re-login WhatsApp.

For Android users

Following the similar operation of clearing cache. Navigate to Application on Settings. Next, select Application. And then, choose WhatsApp>Storage. Finally, tap on CLEAR DATA button and re-login WhatsApp.

For iPhone users

  • Long press WhatsApp on home page.

  • Tap on the delete button.

  • Reinstall WhatsApp from App Store.

  • Re-login your WhatsApp

Solution 3. Make Sure Device Has Enough Space

Enough storage of the cell phone is essential for the normal operation of WhatsApp. Otherwise, it is easy to cause WhatsApp not responding problem. To free up space, you can delete some duplicate photos, videos, and spare applications. First of all, you need to check for the available storage of your iPhone/Android.


  • Tap on Settings>General>iPhone Storage;

  • Check for the available space.

iPhone Storage


  • Navigate to Settings > Storage.

  • Check for available storage on SD card and Internal storage.

Check For Available Storage

Solution 4. Close WhatsApp and Restart Your Device

When WhatsApp says: "WhatsApp is not responding. Would you like to close it?" You should tap OK to close WhatsApp because no matter how long you wait, the app will just hang. After closing WhatsApp, you should restart your iPhone and Android to make sure that WhatsApp won't freeze again.

For iPhone

On iPhone X: 

  • Press and hold the volume down and power keys until the slider shows. 

  • Drag the slider to the right. 

  • Long press the power button to turn on iPhone X.

On iPhone 8/8 Plus or earlier: 

  • Press down the power button for few seconds.

  • And then, drag the slider to the right. 

  • Next, long press the power button to restart the iPhone.

For Android

If you are using WhatsApp on an Android device, you may first force stop the app and then restart the phone to fix the unresponsive app.

Step 1. Go to Settings and choose Applications.

Step 2. Tap on Application Manager.

Step 3. Select WhatsApp.

Step 4. Tap on Force Stop button.

Step 5. Long press power button to restart your phone.

Force Stop WhatsApp

Solution 5. See Whether Network is Working Fine

Sometimes the network connection strongly influences the running of WhatsApp. Too slow network connection might result in WhatsApp not responding on iPhone/Android. First of all, you can toggle to turn WiFi off and on if you are connecting WiFi. Moreover, try to connect different WiFi. Besides, you are able to switch between mobile internet and WiFi to obtain smooth network connection.

If WhatsApp not responding problem cannot be fixed by switching between mobile internet and WiFi, resetting network settings on iPhone/Android might be useful.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Step 1. Navigate to General in Settings.

Step 2. Scroll down to bottom and choose Reset.

Step 3. Tap on Reset Network Settings.

Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings on Android

Step 1. Go to Settings>General Management.

Step 2. Select Reset section.

Step 3. Choose Reset network settings.

Step 4. Tap on RESET SETINGS button.

Reset Network Settings

Solution 6. Update or Reinstall WhatsApp

If the solutions listed above are not suitable for you, you might need to update your WhatsApp because WhatsApp not responding problem might be fixed by the update. Furthermore, you can even try to reinstall WhatsApp.

Update WhatsApp on iPhone/Android


  • Open App Store>Go to Updates section.

  • If an update is released for WhatsApp, you'll see WhatsApp on the Available list. 

  • Next, tap on UPDATE button.


  • Open Play Store.

  • Navigate to the menu by tapping on the icon on the upper-left corner.

  • Select My apps & games.

  • If an update is available for WhatsApp, it will be on the Installed list.

  • And then, Tap on the UPDATE button.

Reinstall WhatsApp

As for iPhone users, you need to long press WhatsApp, and then, tap on the delete icon.

As for Android users, you need to long press WhatsApp, and then, drag it to the trash bin icon at the upper of the screen. Next, Redownload WhatsApp on App Store(iPhone) or Play Store(Android).


However, before you reinstall WhatsApp, you'd better backup WhatsApp data so as to store your chats with other people. To back WhatsApp data up, you can not only achieve it with iCloud or Google Drive on the cell phone, but also store WhatsApp data to a computer with FonePaw, iOS Data Backup & Restore which support backing WhatsApp chats up and restore data when you lose some important information. Comparing to backing up WhatsApp with iCloud or Google Drive, FonePaw backups allows you preview the backed up messages and photos and restore only the data that you need.

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