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How to Stop WhatsApp Media Auto Download - Solved

By Lois Green, Wednesday, March 21, 2018

For many people, WhatsApp is used to contact their families, friends, or colleagues. While communicating with others on WhatsApp, many media files like photos, audio and videos will be saved to your phone automatically. Auto downloading WhatsApp media files allows us to access photos, videos audio more quickly, however, as time goes on, those downloaded WhatsApp media files will occupy lots of memory space. 

For the sake of phone storage, you may want to stop WhatsApp media auto download, which can be further divided into two cases: 

Case 1: Stop Photos/Audio/Videos Auto-download in WhatsApp Chats 

WhatsApp allows users to send photos, audio, and videos to others. When you view photos, videos, etc. from your contacts on WhatsApp, WhatsApp automatically downloads the photos, audios, videos and documents on your phone memory. 

That's fine when you are under Wi-Fi, but when you are using your mobile data, or even you are roaming, automatically saving those photos and videos may cost you a lot of money. And these cached media files also put a burden on phone memory. You can stop WhatsApp auto-download media in the following steps: 

STEP 1. Go to WhatsApp > "Settings" > "Data and Storage Usage" > "Media Auto-download". 

Grant Permission to Download Videos

STEP 2. On an Android phone, if you don't want to download any media when using mobile data, tap "when using mobile data" and deselect all the options given. 

When Using Mobile Data

STEP 3. On an iPhone (iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus and so forth), tap photos, audio, video, documents and select Never to turn media auto-download off or select Wi-Fi to download on Wi-Fi only. 

NOTE: Unless you have manually configured your WhatsApp as downloading media files under Wi-Fi and mobile data, the default setting is that the media files are downloaded only in Wi-Fi circumstance. 

Case 2: Stop Whatsapp Auto Saving Photos/Videos to iPhone 

While the case I mentioned just now works on both iPhones and Android phones, it is only on iPhone that you can auto-save the photos and videos you receive to Camera Roll. In other words, you can't do that on an Android phone. 

If you want to stop WhatsApp saving photos to iPhone: 

  • Go to WhatsApp > "Settings" > "Chats" > "Save to Camera Roll". 

Save to Camera Roll

Please let us know if the solutions we provide work and leave your comments in the comment box if you have a better way to solve it!

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