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iOS WhatsApp Transfer to New iPhone [12K Users Tried]

author Lois Green
date Thursday, January 28, 2021

Switching to a new phone and replacing the old one is an exciting thing. However, some users said they are worried about the WhatsApp messages and other data. Is there any method to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone without iCloud or iTunes? Well, the answer is YES!

In this article, we will introduce some of the most recommended ways to transfer WhatsApp messages, pictures, videos, and attachments from iPhone to iPhone with or without iCloud.


Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone without iCloud

If you just need to transfer WhatsApp data, professional software for WhatsApp would be better. For example, FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer (opens new window) is one of the WhatsApp data that not only transfer WhatsApp chat history and other data from one iPhone to the other but also back up and restore files.

More than 12K users said the program is so convenient, because:

  • It transfers WhatsApp data from one iPhone to the other in one click. Even those who are not familiar with WhatsApp transfer can do it quickly.

  • It backs up WhatsApp messages from iOS device to PC and restores it to iPhone within several steps. So, users can back up important WhatsApp chat history, attachments, and more.

  • It transfers, backs up, and restores WhatsApp data only, which is more concentrated on WhatsApp data management.

Let's see how to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone with FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer. You can do it in two methods.

# Method 1. Transfer WhatsApp to new iPhone directly

Step 1 Download FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer here.

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Step 2 Choose Device-to-device Transfer on the homepage.

WhatsApp Transfer Homepage

Step 3 Connect the old and new iPhone to the computer via USB cables.

Be aware that the old iPhone should be the Source phone and the new iPhone should be the Target phone.

Device To Device Transfer

Step 4 Click Start Transfer to begin.

When the process finishes, restart the phone and log in to your WhatsApp account, you will see all the WhatsApp chat history and other data shown on the new iPhone.

# Method 2. Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone from Backup and Restore

If you have backed up your iPhone before or you'd like to save the backup from the iOS device to the computer, FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer can meet your needs too.

Step 1 On the homepage, choose Backup and connect your old iPhone to the computer.

Step 2 Select the Backup storage path. You can create a new file folder to save the backup files.

WhatsApp Backup

Step 3 Click Start Backup to begin.

You will see the backup file saves as .data file on your computer. If you already have the backup files, you can skip the first 3 steps and move on to the next step directly.

Step 4 On the homepage, choose Restore and connect the new iPhone to the computer.

Step 5 Import the local files from your computer and click Restore to begin. When the restoring process finishes, restart the new iPhone and the WhatsApp data will be restored successfully.

Restore Backup File


  • The Find My iPhone on the Target phone should be turned off.

  • The Backup function is for the free trial, you can use it to back up your phone from time to time to protect your WhatsApp data.

Transfer WhatsApp to New iPhone Using iCloud

Many users also use the iCloud service to back up the data. There are two things you should pay attention to before using the iCloud backup.

First, storage space. iCloud only provides 5 GB of storage space. Therefore, before you use iCloud, remember to check how much space is left.

Second, network connection. It requires a stable network connection to restore the chat history from iCloud to WhatsApp. Here are the steps to transfer WhatsApp via iCloud.

Step 1 In your old iPhone, open WhatsApp.

Step 2 Navigate to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and select Back Up Now. You can also schedule the backup frequency by yourself.

WhatsApp Backup

Step 3 If you want to back up the videos as well, you can toggle on the Include Videos button.

Step 4 Now, install WhatsApp on your new iPhone and log in to the same WhatsApp account on it.

Step 5 Tap Restore Chat History to restore the WhatsApp chats.

Restore Backup

In conclusion, you can transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone by using some transfer programs like FonePaw WhatsApp Transfer (opens new window). It transfers WhatsApp messages and other attachments within several simple steps. Or, you can choose to transfer backup the messages on the old phone using iCloud and restore them to the new phone.