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Beginner to Professional: Learn How to Use WeChat

By Carrie Murray, Tuesday, December 19, 2017

If you want to learn how to use WeChat, here in this guide you will see a complete guide to get you started. The WeChat is a multifunctional media platform that some of the hidden features you may miss. In this way, just check on the following tutorial to know more about the WeChat App.

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What Is WeChat?

WeChat, also called WeiXin, is a social media that enables users to easily connect with family & friends across countries. Developed by Tencent, a 19-year-old Internet company, WeChat has a huge number of monthly active users and more and more people are flocking to it for communications.

WeChat could not only work on mobile phone including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian phones, but also computer (Mac and Windows PC) and even the WeChat Web version. That is to say, you are able to use the WeChat app on almost all different types of devices.

What Is WeChat

Acted like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, the Chinese Super App WeChat provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, voice and video calls, sharing of photographs and videos, etc. to contact people. Actually, it can do far more than contacting people, and you can continue to read for more details.

How to Set Up and to Get Started with WeChat?

1. Download WeChat App

First of all, you should get the WeChat app downloaded and installed on your smartphone or computer. Now, you can head to its official website or the app store to download the WeChat.

2. Sign Up WeChat

Once you download the app, you need to launch it. To create a WeChat Account, just tap on the "Sign Up" button to register the program via phone number. Now, just choose the region you live in and enter your phone number. After that, you need to verify the account with a four digit verification code you get.

Sign Up WeChat

On the Setup Profile screen, you can add your name and profile photo. Then you can find friends on WeChat from your contact lists.

3. Add Friends

To add your friends and get started with WeChat, you should go to "Contacts > New Friends > Add Contacts (top right corner)". Now you can enter your friend's WeChat ID/phone number, or use the Friend Radar, Join Private Group, Scan QR Code, Mobile Contact, and Official Accounts to add more friends or services.

If your friends have added you as contact, you can simply accept it on the "New Friends". Now, you're ready to use WeChat!

What Can You Do with WeChat?

WeChat is a messaging and calling app. But users can do much more than multimedia messaging. Now, let's take a look at what you can do with the WeChat app.

Chat with Friends

Go to "Contacts" on the WeChat screen and touch a friend's name. You can choose to send messages or video & voice call.

If you tap on "Messages" icon, you can type a message or send a voice message in the message field, touch the smiley face button to add emotions, send a photo or video, or even take a photo or video to send.

If you tap on "Video & Voice Call" icon, you can call your friends with Wi-Fi or data connection and it won't charge you any other phone bills.

Post Your Life on WeChat Moment

Go to "Discover > Moments" and tap on the camera icon on the top right corner and you will be able to select or take photos/videos to post on the WeChat moment.

Share WeChat Moment

But if you want to share text messages only (without pictures or videos), you can "Discover > Moments" and long tap on the camera icon until the share interface shows up.

WeChat Pay for Cashless Payments

To successfully use the WeChat Pay, you need to connect your e-wallet with your bank or a credit card by going to "Me > Wallet > Cards > Add Back Cards".

Now, to make a payment with WeChat Wallet, you should go to "Discover> Scan QR Code" and align the QR Code within the frame to scan.

WeChat Official Account for Business

You can access the Chinese market by applying for a WeChat Official Account. Why? You should know that China blocks the foreign websites and people there are not able to access much of the global internet. On the other side, you will find out that almost all of the users who own a smartphone would have the WeChat app on their devices. So if you have a business based in China, you should get start to apply for a WeChat Official Account.

WeChat Official Account for Business

Other WeChat Services

Compare Prices: use the Scan QR code function on the barcode of any product and you are allowed to see the prices from other shopping platforms.

Mobile Top Up: go to "Discover > Wallet > Mobile Top Up" to pay the phone bills.

WeChat Web: WeChat Web version is available on both PC Windows and Mac OS.

Split the Bill: Go to "Me > Wallet > Money > Split Bill" and it will divide the bill with your friends.

There are too many functions and services to list! So why not just download and install the App on your devices and explore it on your own? If you have any problem using the WeChat App, please write a message on the comment area to let us know.

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