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Troubleshooting: Fix 'Unfortunately, WeChat Has Stopped' Error

By Carrie Murray, Monday, December 25, 2017

WeChat is a prevalent messaging and calling application that aims to build a bridge of communications between people and the outside world. Most of the time, the app go smoothly. In some cases, people complained that they met an error message on Android saying "Unfortunately, WeChat Has Stopped".

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The reason why app suddenly stopped can be complicated and unknown. Maybe there is something wrong with the Android system. Anyway, we may not need to know why, but we can learn how to fix the WeChat problem.

Fix "Unfortunately, WeChat Has Stopped" Error

Note: Actually, not only WeChat will deliver the problem, other apps such as WeChat, Instagram, and Facebook, etc. may also prompt with the same error. The solutions are largely the same and I will take WeChat as an example to solve "Unfortunately, (App) Has Stopped" issue.

Unfortunately, WeChat Has Stopped

Solution 1: Clearing WeChat Cache and Data

1. Go to "Settings > Apps" and scroll down to find out the WeChat app.

2. Tap on "Storage".

3. You will see the data usage there and you should tap on the "CLEAR DATA" and "CLEAR CACHE" on the interface.

Clearing WeChat Cache and Data

Solution 2: Restart, Update and Reinstall WeChat

In most of the cases, the solution 1 above is all you need to do and the "Unfortunately, WeChat Has Stopped" issue would be perfectly fixed. But if it is not, you should try to restart your Android. Then go to "My apps & games" from Google Play Store. Find out WeChat and choose to update the app. Or sometimes remove the app and install it again on your Android would be a good choice.

Solution 3: Factory Reset Android

If the WeChat app still works improperly, and your device has become slow and crashed, you can resort to the last option: factory resetting your phone. But before you perform the process, you should bear in mind that backup you Android is a must. For more details about it, you can go to this guide: Android Factory Reset: All Things That You Should Know.

 Factory Reset Android

Could the above solutions help with the "Unfortunately, (App) Has Stopped" issue? Do you have any other tips for the job that is tested to be workable? Just share your ideas on the comment box below!

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