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​Edit MP3 in Windows 10 - Trim, Split, Merge Audio

By Lois Green, Monday, May 25, 2020

You may download a lot of MP3 songs and want to edit them for your personal use like adding the audio to video, or setting it as the ringtone of your phone. 

With audio trimmers in this article, you can easily trim the MP3 file, split it into several parts and merge two different songs together.  

Edit MP3 files with PawEditor

PawEditor is not only a video editor but also an audio trimmer. It allows you to crop the MP3, cut the MP3 files into several parts and combine two audios together. More than that, if you want to add the audio to a video, you can do it directly in PawEditor

The steps are so easy that even if you are a novice, you can trim the audio file and edit videos by yourself.  

Step 1 Download and enable PawEditor.  


Step 2 Create a new project and import the audio into it.  

Follow the instructions to create a new project. You will see Audio in the editing screen. Double click to import the MP3 files into the Media Library

Add Audio

If you have lots of audio files to import, click the Import button at the top menu bar to import bulk files.  

Step 3 Drag audios to the Track. 

Once imported, drag the files to the Track. 

Add Audio To Track

If you are going to add the audio to the video, drag the audio to Track 2 and move the video to Track 1. If you only need to edit the MP3 files, then either one is OK. 

Step 4 Trim, split and merge audio. 

To shorten the MP3 files, click on the audio and hit the Clip button to cut and delete the unwanted part.  

If you want to separate the MP3 into several parts and use them in different parts of the video, just cut and click on the segments to move.  

Seperate Audio

If you want to combine two audios together, just drag them into the same track. 

Combine Audio

Click on the second audio and move it right after the first one to merge them perfectly. 

Edit MP3 files with Windows Media Player

Some of you may wonder how to trim an MP3 file in Windows Media Player

However, Windows Media Player does not allow users to trim the audio files directly. If you want to edit the MP3 files with Windows Media Player, you'll need to install a Windows Media Player trimmer plugin.  

Step 1 Search and download one of the WMP trimmer plugins.  

Step 2 Once installed, open Windows Media Player and go to Tools > Plug-ins > and choose the plugin you've installed.  

Windows Media Player Plugin

Step 3 Open the MP3 files in Windows Media Player. Hit the Edit File button. 

Step 4 Move the slider to mark the start point and endpoint. 

When the fragments are selected, click Trim to cut the audio. Then you will be asked to set the file name and which part to be saved.  

Drag and put two audios together and it will merge automatically when it is saved. 

Step 5 When the process is done, you will see a prompt to inform you to choose a folder to save the file. Click Yes and the MP3 fragment will be saved.  


Steps may be various in different WMP trimmer plugin, follow the instructions of the one you've downloaded.

Edit MP3 files with Audacity

Audacity is specializing in audio editing and recording. You can import audio or record and cut the results in it directly. Besides, it offers many features like noise reduction, muting, and soloing. 

The surface looks so professional that some of you might be confused at first. Don't worry, let's crop the audio with steps below.  

Step 1 Download and launch Audacity.  

Step 2 Import the audio files.  

Click File > Import > Audio. It is compatible with MP3, AIFF, and WAV

Step 3 Listen to the audio.  

Once imported, you will see a waveform. Click the Play button to listen to the audio and decide which part do you want.  

Step 4 Click on the start point and drag your mouse to the endpoint.  

Go to Edit > Remove Special Cut > Split Cut. The selected part will be deleted.  

Edit Audio In Audacity

If you want to save the selected area and delete other parts, select Trim Audio.  

To merge two imported audios, click Ctrl + A to select on the files. Navigate to Edit in the top menu bar > Copy. Then choose one of the tracks and go to Edit Paste

Copy And Paste Audio

Now the two different audios will be on the same track. Select on the blank part and hit Delete in your keyboard to delete it. When you export the audio, it will save as an entire audio file.

Step 5 Export the audio.  

Click File > Export and choose the export format. You can export it as MP3, WAV, and OGG.  

Above all, PawEditor stands out from the three audio trimmers. As you can see, its user-friendly surface helps you understand the operation steps better. 

Except for audio trimming, you can edit the video as well. For example, you can add background music, add subtitles and images to the video.  

Windows Media Player can edit the video and audio too but you have to install a plugin first. 

As for Audacity, it only trims the audio and has so many features in improving the sound quality and effects of the audio. But it is a little difficult to learn the operation steps at first. Therefore, it may be more suitable for the techie.  

If you want to trim a song, shorten the MP3 or edit the video at the same time, an all-in-one software like PawEditor will your best bet.     

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