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YouTube Video Reverser: Play YouTube Video/Audio Backwards

By Carrie Murray, Thursday, May 23, 2019

You can easily fast forward or rewind a video playing on YouTube. However, what if you want to reverse YouTube videos. By playing a video or song backwards on YouTube, you can create some visual magic, for example, putting spilled water back in a cup.

This post will introduce a YouTube video reverser, with which you can play YouTube video or audio in reverse. It can not only apply reverse motion effect to YouTube videos/audio but also speed up/slow down the reversed video/audio clip.

How to Play YouTube Video Backwards

The YouTube video reverser that we use here is PawEditor. It can clip a YouTube video and make an action in the video play backwards.

Step 1: Download YouTube Videos(Optional)

If you want to reverse an online YouTube video that is not yours, you'll need to get the video from YouTube first.

  • Open the YouTube video you want to reverse.

  • Copy its URL.

  • Go to a YouTube video downloader and paste the URL into the blank search bar.

  • Click Download button save the video from YouTube for reversion.

Download YouTube Video

You can skip the steps above if you have the video on your computer and want to make a reverse video for your YouTube channel.

Step 2: Add YouTube Video to Reverser

Click the below button to download PawEditor, the video reverser, on your PC.


After installing, open PawEditor and import the YouTube video into the reverser: double clicks space where it says "Double clicks to import media file(s)"; navigate to the path where the YouTube video is saved and select the video; click OK to start importing.

Import YouTube Video

Step 3: Reverse YouTube Videos

Move the YouTube video to a timeline track for editing. If you need to reverse only one action in the YouTube video, move the cursor on the track to the starting point and ending point of the action you want to play backward and click the scissor icon to split the video.

Clip Video

After clipping the YouTube video, select a clip you want to play in reverse on the track, navigate to "Effect" and add "Play Reverse" effect to the YouTube clip.

Play Reverse Effect

After adding the effect, the reverser will take a while to generate the reverse video. When it is generated, you may click the playback button to play the YouTube backward.

Step 4: Speed up/Slow Down Reversed YouTube Video(Optional)

If you want to watch the reversed YouTube video in slow motion, or fast forward reversed video, right-click the clip in the timeline, select Edit and slow down the reverse by 0.75x, 0.5x, 0.25x, etc. or speed up the reverse by 1.5x, 2.0x.

Change Video Speed

Now play the YouTube video backwards. If the video looks good to you, click Export to save the reversed YouTube video.

Get complete instruction on how to use PawEditor for YouTube video editing.

How to Reverse YouTube Audio

If you want to reverse the audio of a YouTube video clip, you can also use PawEditor. There are 2 ways to reverse YouTube audio in PawEditor.

Play a Song Backwards on YouTube

If you have an audio file from YouTube that you want to play backwards, you may import the YouTube audio to PawEditor and directly apply the "Play Reverse" effect to the whole file or a part of the audio by clipping the YouTube audio beforehand.

Reverse the Audio of a YouTube Video

If you have downloaded a video from YouTube and want to reverse the audio in the video, you need to take an extra step to separate the audio from video. After importing video into PawEditor, drag the YouTube video to the timeline and right-click to select "Audio Separation". The audio of the YouTube video will be placed in a new track separately. You may play the audio file in reverse via the "Play Reverse" effect in PawEditor.

Separate Audio from YouTube Video

That's how you reverse a YouTube video or audio with PawEditor. The YouTube video reverser can also merge, crop, edit video or adjust brightness, contrast, resolution and other elements of a video. More interesting effects are integrated into the editor!


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