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Female Voice Changer: How to Change Male Voice to Female or Vice Versa

By Carrie Murray, Thursday, June 20, 2019

You may need to change your voice in order to hide your identity or play a prank, like changing your voice from male to female in games like Fortnite, PUBG. There are many female voice changers that can help you with that.

This article will introduce you 2 female voice changers that can convert male voice to female or vice versa by auto-tune, changing pitch, or voice effects.

Male to Female Voice Changer Software for PC

The first voice changer introduced here is PawEditor. Its auto-tune feature can create funny sound effects to existing files by pitch control. It can change male voice to female, make robot, anime, alien voices and more.

As a video & audio editor, PawEditor can do more cool editing tricks, for example adding echo, reverb, adjusting bass, mediant, soprano of an audio file, changing color of a video/image with chroma key, separating audio files from videos and more, which can all be easily done with its intuitive interface.

Download PawEditor on your PC to have a try.


Step 1: Add audio or video

Download and follow the instructions to install PawEditor. Then open it. Create a new project for the voice changing and import audio or video with a voice that needs to be altered.

Add Video for Voice Changing

Step 2: Apply autotune effect

Drag a clip to the timeline track for editing. Go to Effect > Autotune Remix. Click the + button to apply the audio effect to the clip.

Apply Autotune Effect

Step 3: Change male voice to female

In the autotune editing panel, you can change the pitch of voice in the video/audio clip. If you want the voice to sound like a girl, choose a higher tone; if you want to convert female voice to male, choose a lower tone. If you are not sure what each tone sounds like, just select a tone and it will play the voice changing effect automatically.

Autotune Remix

Tip: Besides changing voice by gender, you can also change the voice to alien, robot, anime characters and more. Just try and have fun.

Extra step: clip audio, adjust volume, balance and more    

With PawEditor, you can also clip audio or video files, mix different clips to make funny effects, adjust volume, balance of a voice, add echo/reverb and more. It’s a versatile video and audio editor to help you make the voice you like.

Reverb Effect Editing Panel

Online Voice Changer to Girl

In addition to a desktop voice changer software, you can also change male/female voice with an online voice changer. Here is a girl voice changer that is free to use online. You can record your voice or upload a file to change the voice. 

Step 1: Open female voice changer online

First, go to the website to open this online voice changer.

Lingojam Female Voice Changer

Step 2: Record your voice

According to the prompt, you can use your computer's microphone to record an audio or upload a piece of audio file for voice changing. It supports audio files like MP3, WMV and so on.

Step 3: Change voice from male to female

After you upload the audio, you can choose the pitch you want your voice sounds like. It offers many choices like Super high pitch, high pitch, medium to high pitch, low pitch, medium pitch, ultra-low pitch, chipmunk and mountain troll.

Change Male Voice to Female Online

Just select one and play it with the player on the right to listen to the changed voice.

Step 4: Download audio with changed voice

When it finishes the voice conversion, click the download button to save the audio file with a changed female/male voice to your computer.


These are the two ways to convert the gender of your voice. Both the powerful video/audio editor and the online voice changer are very simple to use. If you need to not only change the voice but also edit the audio or add special effects, use PawEditor, which can edit the audio/video while converting the voice gender. Give it a try and have fun.

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