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​How to Make Powerful Video Presentation

By Lois Green, Wednesday, May 6, 2020

It is possible that because of the distance, you need to make a video presentation to apply for a job, a school, or you just need to present to your co-workers that are around the world.

No matter you are going to do the presentation at the scene or online, vivid PowerPoint slides with fun and deep ideas will be a bonus point for you.

In this post, we will focus on how to make a great video presentation with music and video. Also, we will give you some presentation skills to win over your interviewers and audiences.

1. Record PowerPoint presentation with audio and video

To export your PowerPoint as a video, you will need a screen recorder to record the file and save as an MP4 or other video formats. FonePaw Screen Recorder, for example, is a good recorder for you to record and add narration to the PowerPoint.

Before the recording, you can write a script for your presentation. A script reminds you of what you are going to say instead of reading from the slides. Your audiences will be bored if you read word by word from the slides.

The script should include a good beginning. You can intrigue your audiences by telling a story or asking a question. The body of your speech should have 3 clear points, which make your presentation more logical. At the end of your presentation, wrap up the 3 points, and highlight some key points again. When you are prepared well, download FonePaw Screen Recorder and enable it.


Open your PowerPoint slides and choose Video Recorder from the three options.

Screen Recorder Homepage

You can choose to record the whole screen or customize the recording area by yourself. For example, you can drag the cross cursor and record your slides only.

Choose Video Recorder

Next, turn off the system sound and adjust the microphone sound. These steps make your audio sounds clearer.

Then click REC to begin recording. Present your slides and speak to the microphone.

You can control the tempo of your speech. If you are too nervous or tired, click the Pause button to have a rest.

Moreover, you can prepare materials like music, video, or picture you want in advance and play it during the recording. When you are finished, click the Stop button to end the recording and preview the video.

Record Presentation as Video

If you are satisfied with it, click Save to select the save path. Click Re-Record to record again and the original one will not be saved.

Save Video Slides

With FonePaw Screen Recorder, you can record your presentation as a video and add your own voice over to it. Or, you can choose to record the audio and video respectively and put them together with the next method we are going to introduce.

2. Video presentations software

After you convert your PowerPoint slides to a video, your presentation can be further optimized with video presentation software. There are three tips for improving your video presentation:

First, add background music.

Second, trim unwanted sounds or materials in the presentation.

Third, add subtitles to your video presentation.

You can do the three things in one powerful video editor: PawEditor. Download PawEditor and follow the steps below to make your powerful video presentation.


Step 1 Enable the software and import your videos and audios into it.

Import Video

Step 2 Drag the materials into the tracks.  

Put the Video in Track 1 and the audio in Track 2.

Step 3 Edit your video presentation.

You can select the background music and move the position of it to fit the video.

If there is anything you don't want in the video, just cut it out by clicking the Clip button. It will separate the media materials into two parts.

Edit Audio

Click on and delete the parts you don't need.

Select Text in the toolbar to add subtitles for your video presentation.

Add Subtitle

Add subtitles for a video that can help your audiences focus on and follow what you say.


Drag the text to Track 3 or Track 4 that above the video track or else the subtitles will be covered.

In addition, you can choose Image to import eye-catching pictures in your presentation video.

Step 4 Export the video presentation.

When you finish editing, click on the Export button in the upper menu bar to save your presentation. You can save it in different formats like MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, etc.

Export Video

Waiting for the progress to finish and get your wonderful video presentation.

Note: Your video will contain a watermark if you are using the trial version.

3. Online presentation video maker

Except for downloading FonePaw Screen Recorder or PawEditor and edit the audio and video with a local source, you can do it online as well. Powtoon is an online presentation video maker that has numerous slides templates.

To use Powtoons, you need to go to and register an account.

Log in with your account and choose a presentation on the homepage.

Powtoon Homepage

You will see a list of video presentation templates for you. Choose one of them and edit it. Put your mouse in one of the slides and click the three dots button to add and create your own slides.

Create Slides

Click the horn button under the slides > Add VoiceOver. You can add audio recorded in advance, add music that has downloaded before or record the narration in Powtoon.

Powtoon Add Voice Over

When you are done with editing, click Publish in the top right corner to preview your video presentation. It can be exported as Slideshow or Movie.

Click Publish again and you will see the publish options. You can upload it to your social media directly or download it as a PDF and PPT file.


  • You need to upgrade your account if you want the original MP4 file.

  • You only have three days of free trial to publish the PowerPoint. Three days later, you need to upgrade your account to export the video slides.

In conclusion, among the three methods above, FonePaw Screen Recorder will be useful in adding voice over. You can record the PowerPoint file while adding narration to it.

If you want to trim your video presentation and add background music to it, PawEditor will be a better choice. You can combine the audio, background music, and video and export it as a complete video presentation.

As for Powtoons, there are various delicate templates on it. So you can refer to them and make your own creative PowerPoint. Besides, it's convenient to add voice over and audio online. But you should make sure your network connects well or else you will be waiting too long to make the video.

Now, choose the best-suited one to make your wonderful PowerPoint.

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