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How to Change Pitch in Audacity[Tutorial]

By Lois Green, Friday, May 29, 2020

Sometimes when you have a favorite song and want to sing it but find that it is outside of your vocal voice, to make it match or harmonize with the key of your voice, you may need to adjust the pitch of the song. Or, when you are making a funny video and want to change the tone of the voice, a pitch changer would be helpful.  

In this post, we will introduce a professional audio editor to you: Audacity

Audacity Logo

In addition to changing the pitch of an audio, you will also learn how to change the pitch of a video file.  

Change Pitch of Audio with Audacity

Audacity is a pitch changer that has so many features. It not only changes the tone of a song but also speed, tempo, and trimming the audio. Let's see how to do it.  

Step 1 Download Audacity. 

Audacity is useful in trimming audio and has so many sound effects, and it is free to download and use. Go to the official website to download it. When you finish installing the program, move on to the next step.

Step 2 Import the audio file. 

Drag the audio file into it directly or click File > Import > Audio. You will see that the audio file shows in the track as a waveform. 

Import Audio In Audacity

Step 3 Change the pitch. 

If you want to change the pitch of an entire song, hold on the Ctrl+A to select the whole song. If you only want to change the pitch of part of the song, click on and drag the slider to highlight a certain part.  

Highlight Audio In Audacity


Some audio files may have two or more waveform when you drag in the audio track, that's because it is in stereo. You can select both of them. 

Once selected, go to the top menu bar and select Effect > Change Pitch. In the prompt, you can change the pitch by note and set the semitone as well.  

Change Pitch In Audacity

Besides, you can change the frequency or drag the slider below to change the percentage. When you change any of the three options, you can see the changes in the other two boxes are being made. 

Step 4 Export the audio. 

When you finish the pitch changing, export it as an MP3 or WAV file. In the top menu bar, click File > Export as MP3/WAV > and select the location of the file > Save

Export Audacity Audio

Change Pitch of a Video File

Except for audio pitch changers like Audacity, there are some pitch changers like PawEditor that can change the tone of a video.  

It is not only a song pitch changer, but also a video pitch changer that adjusts the sound of your video, add background music to the video, and add subtitles to the video. It's an all-in-one program that meets you need in editing audio and video. Comparing with Audacity, it is easy to use because it has no complicated waveform and the steps are easy.  

Step 1 Download and launch PawEditor.  


You can download and edit your project for free.  

Step 2 Create a new project in PawEditor. 

When you launch it, you will see a prompt asks you to create a new project. Click Create New Project to name your project and browse for the location.  

Create New Project

Step 3 Import the video into PawEditor. 

Switch to Library > Video and double click to import the video. Or, you can click the import button in the top menu bar to import bulk files.  Once imported, drag the video to the Track. 

Add Video To Timeline

Step 4 Change the tone of the audio. 

Click on the video and hit Effect in the toolbar. Scroll down and you will see a sound effect called Autotune Remix. Put your mouse on it and click the "+" button. In the editing panel, you can select the musical notes and listen to them.  

Autotune Remix


Steps of changing the pitch of audio are the same.

Step 5 Export the video. 

When you finish the changing, click the Export button in the top menu bar. 

Export Video

You can export the video in many formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, or even MP3.  

In conclusion, if you are a techie in audio editing, Audacity will be useful to you because it is professional and has so many expert features. 

But if you only want to do some simple changes to your audio like trimming, adjusting pitch, or adding the audio to your video, a comprehensive program like PawEditor will be better for you.  

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