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How to Add Watermark/Logo to Videos

By Carrie Murray, Monday, June 17, 2019

Watermark or logo in your videos helps to promote your brand and make the videos look more professional. To watermark a video, you can either create a text watermark on the video or add an overlay image to the video.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to watermark videos with text or photos by using PawEditor, a full-featured video editing program that can add text watermark or logo image to any location in a video or GIF image. The video program can trim videos, resize watermark/logo, animate the watermark/logo, edit videos with effects, filters and more. It is a comprehensive editor that can make your videos look more professional and intriguing.


Check the steps below on how to watermark video with custom text and add a logo to video with PNG/JPG photos.

Add Watermark to Video

After downloading and installing PawEditor on your PC, you can then create your own watermark on a video via its text tools.

Step 1: Import video to add watermark

Run PawEditor. After starting a project, you can add a video, GIF or photo to the editor to add watermark by double-click.

Import Video to PawEditor

Step 2: Add text to watermark video

PawEditor offers multi-track editing in the timeline. Drag the video onto one track and you can add watermark in the other track to edit separately. To add a watermark, select the upper track, click Text and click + icon or drag the text to the track.

Add Text to Video

The text will be added to the point that the blue cursor is located in the timeline. If you would like to watermark the whole video, place the blue cursor at the beginning of the video. Or you may separate the video by clipping and add text watermark to part of the video.

Step 3: Customize watermark on the video

In the input field, type the text you want to use as a watermark. Then click Edit style to customize the watermark for the video. These are the elements you can edit with the watermark.

Input Text

Font: PawEditor comes with a large library of fonts that you can choose from.

Size: Select the font size that seems appropriate for your video.

Font fill: Decide the color of your watermark, which can match your brand color.

Background stroke: It can add shadow to the text watermark with stroke. You can adjust the color, thickness, opacity of the stroke.

Customize Watermark in Video

Click OK if you are satisfied with the custom watermark. The watermark will be added to your video.

Step 4: Position watermark in the video

Select the watermark and drag it to any position in the video. The watermark can be put in the bottom, the top, the left/right corner, or any position that seems right to you in the video.

Position Watermark in Video

You may need to extend the length of the text box in the timeline to make sure the whole video is watermarked.

Step 5: Export watermarked video

Play the video to make sure that the watermark doesn't cover anything important in the video. Click Export Button to save the watermarked video.

Add Logo to Video

If you already have a logo and would like to add the photo to video, PawEditor can also do that.



The logo photo that you are adding to the video should be a PNG photo that is transparent. A JPG photo will also do the trick, but a PNG image is better in quality. And if the photo has a colored background, you can change it to a transparent background with PawEditor.

Step 1: Import your video and logo

In PawEditor, double click to import a video and the logo you want to add. PNG, JPG, and other photo formats are supported.

Tip: If you would like to add a logo to a YouTube video, you may download the video from YouTube first.

Step 2: Add logo to video

Add the video to track 1 and drag the logo to track 2 above. To make the logo appear in the whole video, extend the length of the logo in the timeline. To do that, move your mouse cursor over the endpoint the photo and drag it until it matches the end point of the video.

Add Logo to Video

Step 3: Resize the logo in the video

The image you add may be too big or too small for the video. You can resize the logo image in PawEditor. Select the logo in the timeline and click Effects > Rotate & Scale. Now you can adjust the size of the logo in the preview window and move it to a desired position in the video.

Resize Logo in Video

Step 4: Remove background color from the logo (Optional)

If the logo photo has a colored background, like the FonePaw logo shown above, you may want to make it transparent so that the video will look more professional.

Click Color and apply the Chromakeys effect to the logo, which is used to remove background from videos and photos. In the editing panel, click the color picker icon and pick the color of the background of the logo.

Remove Logo Background Color 

Once it is picked, the background becomes transparent.

Transparent Logo in Video

Now the video is added with logo, click the Export to save it.

PawEditor can also be used to remove the watermark, change video color, brightness, clearness, create animation and more. Read more about making videos with PawEditor.

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