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Add Text to Video in 2 Ways

By Carrie Murray, Friday, June 14, 2019

There are 2 ways to add text to a video. With a video editing software to add text, you can add captions, titles, watermark, label, etc. to a video, GIF, or photo and do more editing other than text editing. For those who only need to put a few words on a video, a simple online tool to add text is good enough. You may go through these 2 ways to add text to video in this post and choose the one that is right for you.

Add Text to Video with Software

There is a bunch of great video editing software that can add text to videos. Here we’ll cover PawEditor. It adds title, subtitle, watermark and more to a video. The text can be moved to any area of a video. And you can change the duration, font, color, size, of the text in the video. Moreover, it can add moving text to a video.

Free download the PawEditor app to add text to video.


Step 1: Add Video, GIF, Image

Start a project in PawEditor. Then double click to import a video to add text. The editor can also put text on a GIF or still image to make memes for Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Tip: To add text to a YouTube video, you can create new subtitles or CC in YouTube video editor after uploading if the video is yours. If you don't have the video, you may download the YouTube video and add text with PawEditor. 

Import Video to Add Text

Step 2: Add Text on a Video

Put a video in one timeline track. Then click Add Track to create a new track for the text. Move the cursor in the timeline on the point that you want to add text in the video.

Select the text track and click the Text tab > Add Text to put text on the position of the cursor.

Add Text to Video

Step 3: Write on the Video

In the text input field, enter the words you want to add to the video. You can change the duration of the text by shortening or lengthening the text box in the timeline so that the text only appears in a certain part of the video.

Input Text

Change font/color/size: Click Edit Style. There are a variety of fonts, color, size, stroke to choose from. If you prefer titles, subtitles, watermark in a certain color, font or size, click the + icon above the preset style collection to create a text preset.

Change Text Style in Video

Tip: Put text on any place in a video

You can add text on the top, bottom, left or right of a video. To do that, click the text box in the timeline to select it, then in the playback window, select the white dashed text box and drag it to any area of the video. If you would like to have a blank space for the text under or above the video, there is Rotate & Scale effect for you to scale the video on the bottom or top.

Step 4: Save Videos with Text

You can continue to use PawEditor to cut, fix or edit video with its trimming, transition, filters, effects tools and more. When you are done, click Export Button to save the video.

Add Moving Text to Video

Animated text can attract more attention. PawEditor can make text in a video move so that the viewers can more easily notice your logo, website address or other important information in your video.


Step 1: Add Text

On PawEditor, click the Text tab, select the + icon to add text to a video. After you have entered the words you need and chosen the right font and color, you may begin to animate the text.

Add Text

Step 2: Move the Text in a Video

Highlight the text box in the timeline, click the Effect tab and choose Rotate and Scale effect to apply to the text. Then we’re going to edit the effect with keyframes to make the text move.

Effects Library

In this example, we are going to make the text move from the left to right on the bottom.

Move Text in Video with Effect

In the editing panel of the effect, click the Keyframe icon to add a keyframe at the start point of the text.

Select the keyframe. Then navigate to the playback window, move the text box to the very left side of the video.

Add Keyframe to Text

Move the cursor at the end point of the text, click + to add a keyframe. Select the keyframe and move the text box to the right side of the video.

Add Another Keyframe to Text

Now play the video. There is a moving text on the bottom of the video.

Move Text in Video

Add Text to Video with Online

There are many online tools to add text to video, but most of them are not free to use. Some of them even require you to download additional add-ons or programs.

The website can actually allow you to add text to video online for free without downloading anything. However, there are drawbacks: the website cannot trim video, therefore, the text can only be added to the whole video; it can't resize text. The tool can do nothing other than adding text overlay to videos and animated images, thus it is more suitable to add text, logo, watermark to short videos to make memes. To add captions to videos, video text editing software is a better choice.

Step 1: Go to Online Video Text Adder

Open your browser on a computer, iPhone or Android phone. Go to Meme video meme maker.

Step 2: Upload a Video to Add Text

Drag a video from your PC, Mac or mobile phone and drop it on the video meme maker.

Memed Video Meme Maker

Step 3: Add Text to Video Online

Click the text box to add words on the video. You can reposition the text and change its color and font. If you want to add more text, click Add a text block to add more text.

Add Text to Video Online

Tip: The top/bottom padding can add a blank area above or underneath the video for you to add text.

Step 4: Download Video

Click Download video to download the video with text back to your device. It won't add watermark to your video.

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