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When iPhone/iPad Says Update Requested, How to Stop it?

By Carrie Murray, Friday, October 05, 2018

"Why is my iPhone stuck on update requested during iOS 12 update?" Did this happen to you? Many users report that their iPhones or iPad are saying "Update Requested" when they want to update to iOS 12 or 11. Even after they turn the phone off and back on again, it's the same thing. So why does the iPhone/iPad update requested error happen?  And how to fix iOS 12/11 update request on iPhone, iPad. Here are the answer and solutions you want.

iPhone Update Requested

Part 1. What Does Update Requested Mean on iPhone/iPad?

We all know that when a new iOS version is available, we are able to download and install that update in Settings > Software Update on iPhone/iPad. However, with tens of thousands of Apple users managing to access the iOS update files at the same time, there is an overloaded traffic.

To ease the traffic peak of major update such iOS 12, iOS 12 update, Update Requested has been added in iOS update since iOS 8. When the update requested is displayed on your iPhone/iPad, it means that your device is connecting to the Apple server to download iOS update files.

But if the update requested takes longer than usual and you find your iPhone/iPad has got stuck there, it should be a connection issue and you may try the following solutions to fix that.

Part 2. How to Fix iOS 12/11 Stuck on Update Requested

Solution 1. Plug iPhone/iPad into Power

It may sound a little bit silly, but many users say that when then plug their device in power, it immediately bypass the iOS update requested step and starts installing iOS 12. It might work! Why not give this simple way a shot?

Plug iPhone into Power

Solution 2. Reset Wi-Fi Connection

The iOS OTA update requires a stable and smooth network condition for the access to the Apple server to download the update files. So you need to make sure your iPhone/iPad has connected to a strong Wi-Fi.

If your iPhone or iPad gets stuck on update requested, try to reset the Wi-Fi connection:

Step 1. Head to Settings > Wi-Fi. 

Step 2. Toggle off Wi-Fi for several minutes. 

Step 3. Turn it back on and reconnect to the effective Wi-Fi again.

iPhone WiFi Settings

Solution 3. Hard Reset iPhone/iPad

If it's not the network issue, it might be a software glitch on the device so that the iPad or iPhone is stuck at update requested step. Although hard resetting the device is not recommended by Apple unless your phone is completely unresponsive, it is still a good try to force restart the phone to get the update working again.

Different generations of iPhone have different ways to hard reset the phone. In iPhone 6/6s, for example, press and hold the Power button and Home button at the same time, until the Apple logo appears. While in iPhone 7/iPhone 8, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time for several seconds till you see the Apple logo.

Hard Reset iPhone 7

After the hard reset, head to the Software Update page again. Check whether the update requested has changed to downloading or not.

Solution 4. Delete Downloaded Software Update

Your iPhone/iPad may automatically download the update file when the network is connected, and you just need to install it. But if your iPhone is still saying update requested, you can delete the downloaded software and start over again.

Step 1. Open Settings > General.

Step 2. Tap iPhone Storage and wait for the apps to load.

Step 3. In the list of apps, locate the new iOS update file.

Step 4. Tap on it and choose Delete Update.

Step 5. Go back to Settings > General > Software Update. Tap Download and Install to download the update software again.

Delete iOS Update

Solution 5. Software Update via iTunes

The easy way to upgrade iPhone/iPad through Software Update in Settings is called OTA (over-the-air) update. If OTA update fails and your device gets stuck in the update requested, you may need to resort to iTunes to get your device upgraded.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer.

Step 2. Launch the latest version of iTunes.

Step 3. Open the Summary tab and click on Check for Update > Download and Update.

Update to iOS 12 via iTunes

Solution 6. Fix iOS Update Requested without iTunes

If you cannot get the latest iTunes or fail to get iOS 12 update via iTunes for various reasons, you may try to use FonePaw iOS System Recovery. This software is designed to fix a dead iPhone, which can also be used to upgrade the iOS system because it will automatically update the device to the latest version after fixing it.

Step 1. Download and install FonePaw iOS System Recovery on your PC/Mac.


Step 2. Boot your iPhone into Recovery Mode. (NOTE: The way of getting your phone into recovery mode may differ in different generations of iPhone. And it is recommended to make a backup for your iPhone/iPad in case of data loss during the recovery mode and the update.)

Step 3. Launch FonePaw iOS System Recovery on the computer and connect the iPhone to it.

Connect iPhone to Computer

Step 4. Click Start to begin. Check if the information of your device is correct or not.

Check iPhone Information

Step 5. Choose the new update version you want and then click on Repair.

Step 6. After the update is finished, reboot the phone for new system to take effects.

Hope this article can help you fix the update requested issue. Any comment is welcome!

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