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How to Fix Common Problems with iOS 11

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, June 20, 2017

iOS 11 Beta was surfaced and available for developers on WWDC 2017. Even if you were not a software developer, you can take a firsthand shot via installing iOS 11 Beta on your iPhone so that you can experience new features introduced via Apple or explore hidden iOS 11 features on your own.

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However, cutting-edge as iOS 11 is, unexpected problems crop up. Here list 8 common issues you might come across with iOS 11. Please scroll down and have a further knowledge of the solutions.

Issue 1: iOS 11 Installation Problems

With no luck, some encounter problems at the very beginning when installing iOS 11. For instance, the screen freezes when trying to download or install the firmware on iPhone.

As a matter of facts, if iPhone got stuck when downloading the firmware, you can simply hold and press down "Home" ("Volume Down" on iPhone 7/7 Plus) and "Power" buttons at the same time as to forcedly shut down your iPhone. Or, let the battery drain out and give it a fresh reboot.

But, in the case that iPhone freezes when installing a new iOS. The steps are a bit complex.

Step 1. You should power off your device at first.

Step 2. Then, boot it into Recovery Mode: Connect iPhone to Mac or Windows PC and hold the "Power" + "Home" buttons until you see a screen prompting you to connect to iTunes.

Step 3. Downgrade your iPhone to the previous iOS.

Install Issue iOS 11

Issue 2: iOS 11 Lag & Random Reboot

Lag performance and random restart are quite annoying to some extent. If the installing process didn't go smoothly or got interrupted, these might happen. So far, there are not many choices available, but factory reset.

If this nuisance stops you from accessing and using iPhone normally, you should consider resetting your device to factory settings. Don't forget to back up your iPhone in advance. Then, go to "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Erase All Content and Settings".

Reboot Issue iOS 11

Issue 3: iOS 11 Wi-Fi Problems

Wi-Fi connection is now becoming indispensable for most mobile users, so it's a great 'tragedy' when iPhone fails to connect to Wi-Fi. In such a case, please check out these before going further: 1. The router is running normally. 2. iPhone is within the service range. 3. It's not an Internet Service Provider problem.

There are a few tricks you can test out.

1. Toggle on "Airplane Mode" and off several times.

2. Power off your iPhone and turn it back on after a couple of minutes.

3. Forget the Wi-Fi you're connecting and then hook up to it again.

4. Reset network settings via "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Reset Network Settings".

Wi-Fi Problems

Issue 4: iOS 11 Touchscreen Problems

If you cannot access the screen or it tends to slow down or lag after iOS 11 is installed, here's a fixed for you. That being said, to try rebooting your iPhone. Please press down "Home" and "Power" keys together ("Volume Down" and "Power" buttons on iPhone 7/7 Plus). Then, your iPhone will be forcedly shut down. When the screen goes dark, please wait a few minutes and power it on again. I'm sure the touchscreen problem is now fixed.

Touch Screen

Issue 5: iOS 11 Sound Problems

Some have reported that the audio/sound cuts off somehow when they're watching YouTube or using WhatsApp on iPhone. Most possibly, it's something with a faulted app. If the issue occurs after you installed a certain app? Or, this problem is only happening to a certain application? If so, please uninstall and re-install this program.

iOS 11 Sound Problem

Issue 6: iOS 11 Battery Problems

Almost after each iOS update, battery life problem comes to plague many users. However, I have to say in advance that there is neither official nor a tricky method for such an issue. It seems no way but to either wait until the next iOS version rolls out or downgrade to the previous iOS.

Battery Problem

Issue 7: iOS 11 Bluetooth Problems

New iOS also brings issues, for instance, Bluetooth problem. If you cannot hook up to your car, HomeKit or wearable devices, please take a try on following approaches.

1. Go to "Settings" > "Bluetooth" and forget the device to which you fail to connect.

2. Reset all settings on your iPhone. Open "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Reset All Settings". Then, reconnect to the target device again.

3.  If the problem persists. You might consider giving your iPhone a factory reset.

Bluetooth Problem

Issue 8: iOS 11 App Problems

Also, many say that they cannot successfully download apps or upgrade them in Apple Store somehow. Please make sure it's not a network problem. Also, ensure that the app is keeping up to date with the latest iOS version. Then, please take a shot below.

1. Navigate to "Settings" > "iTunes & App Store" and tap on your Apple ID. Now, select "Sign Out". Then, power off your iPhone and then log back in your Apple ID.

2. I'm afraid you might have to try resetting your iPhone via the way: "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Erase All Content and Settings". Note that you should back up iPhone if there are what matters to you.

3. If this is a current bug with the present iOS, you might wait until there is an update t fix this issue. Otherwise, trying to temporarily downgrade your iPhone is not a bad idea.

There are the most common headaches so far. If you have a better workaround or bump into other issues, please drop your comments below and let's discuss!

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