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How to Put and Watch TV Shows on iPhone/iPad

By Emily Watson, Thursday, May 12, 2016

With the improvements of our living standards, people tend to find ways and means to enjoy themselves. However, there is one way that would never get obsolete, say, watching TV shows. With the invention of mobile phone, people are inclined to watch TV shows on their phones. However, it would cost you a lot to download TV shows on the condition of no Wi-Fi. What are you supposed to do? Why not try to download them on your computer ahead of time and then put them on iPhone 6/6s or iPad Pro that with big screen? What an excellent idea it is! With only 2 simple steps, you are able to watch TV shows anytime anywhere! Just try the followings.

FonePaw iOS Transfer is a program which offers you more convenience than iTunes does. With couple of clicks, you can easily add some TV shows to your iPhone or iPad. You can watch the new episode of Game of the Thrones without constraints of time and space. You even don't need to cost your mobile data. Have a try and experience it by yourself.


Put and Watch TV Shows on iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Download, install and launch FonePaw iOS Transfer

You need to download FonePaw iOS Transfer first. After the installation, turn it on and use USB cable to connect to your PC. Your device will be recognized soon, and you can check out the information of your iPhone or iPad under the "Summary" section.

FonePaw iOS Transfer Main

Step 2: Click on "Media" and select "TV Shows"

You can click on "Media" on the left sidebar, and then, select "TV Shows" from the item column. You can click on "Add" section, and between "Add File(s)" and "Add Folder", choose one way to add those TV shows you like to your device.

Select TV Shows

You will be prompted to confirm whether "to convert these files to iOS supported formats and upload to the device?" or not. Click on "Yes", then you will see your files converting. After that, your files will be automatically upload to the device.

Add TV Shows

After upload, you are allowed to watch those TV shows whenever and wherever you'd like to. However, it's just one function of FonePaw iOS Transfer. With some simple steps, you can also put music, contacts, videos to your iPhone or iPad. You are sincerely welcome to experience the program. Just download it and experience the trial version for free! If you think these solutions are helpful, welcome to leave your comments and share with your friends!



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