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How to Undelete Photos on iPhone 6s/6

By Emily Watson, Sunday, July 10, 2016

It is easy to delete photos on iPhone 6s/6, but it is not that easy to undelete the missing items if you regret the deletion. If the photos were deleted within the last 30 days, you can check on the Recently Deleted album on the Photo app of your iPhone 6s/6 to get them back. If the photos can't be found on the Recently Deleted album, you might recover the photos from iTunes or iCloud backup. But if you want to recover just the certain photos instead of the whole backup files, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery will be a good choice for you.

This is a user-friendly program, which enables users to undelete pictures with or without their iPhone 6s/6 in simple steps. It can detect the deleted photos from Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Stream, and even some of the app photos. Users may preview the photos, select those they want to undelete, and recover them to the computer.

Download the free trial version of the software and let it help you to undelete photos on your iPhone 6s/6.


Solution 1: Undelete Photos with iPhone 6s/6

STEP 1 Connect iPhone 6s/6 to Computer

Install the FonePaw program on your computer and connect your iPhone 6s/6 to the computer with USB cable. After connecting, click Start Scan. The scanning could take a while. It depends on the amount of files on your phone.

Connect iPhone/iPad to PC

STEP 2 Preview the Deleted Photos

After the scanning stops, all the files on your iPhone 6s/6 will be displayed. Click Camera Roll, Photo Library or Photo Stream to preview the pictures. Toggle on the only display the deleted items button to see only the deleted pictures.

Preview deleted Picture

STEP 3 Undelete the Chosen Photos

Tick those images that you want to undelete and press the Recover button. From the pop-up window, choose one folder to save the photos. Your deleted photos will be restored on your computer.

Undelete Picture

Solution 2: Undelete Photos without iPhone 6s/6

STEP 1 Log in iCloud Account

Launch the FonePaw program and enable the option for Recover from iCloud Backup File. Sign in with the iCloud account of your iPhone 6s/6.

Recover From iCloud Backup File

STEP 2 Choose File Types

From the backup files displayed, choose the one you need according to the date. Then click Download. From the pop-up window, tick Camera Roll, Photo Library, App Photos so that only the photo files on your iPhone 6s/6 will be scanned. Click Next to begin the scanning.

Choose File Type

STEP 3 Preview and Undelete Photos

After the scanning, you can find all photos in your iPhone 6s/6 on the program. Choose Camera Roll, Photo Library or App Photos to preview the photos. Find the deleted photos that you need, tick the small box below the photos, then click Recover to store the deleted pictures on your PC.

Pictures of iCloud Backup

To avoid data loss, it is recommendable to make backup of your iPhone 6s/6 regularly so that it is easier for you to undelete the missing files if necessary. Of course, FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery is also here to tackle data loss for you. Besides photos, it also supports data recovery for contacts, SMS messages, WhatsApp messages, call log, notes, etc.    



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