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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy

By Emily Watson, Saturday, August 22, 2015

Since the smartphone giant Samsung Inc. regularly updates its handset products, many users are intended to change their Samsung phones to the latest model, for example, switch Galaxy S6 to S9. It should be a cumbersome ordeal to transfer contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy by typing and saving hundreds or thousands of names, phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and so on one by one without any helps! And this may take a whole night to finish, maddening you and making you tried. But with FonePaw Mobile Transfer, everything will be simplified.

FonePaw Mobile Transfer introduces an easy approach to migrate contacts between Samsung Galaxy phones - one-click transfer. Once the both phones are detected, the program will read, extract, and copy phone book from source phone to the destination one. What you need to do is connecting phone to PC and clicking with the mouse. Before that, just download and install the program.


Let's Start to Clone Samsung Phone Book

Step 1. Plug Samsung Galaxy Phones to PC

Launch FonePaw Mobile Transfer on your PC.

Plug Samsung Galaxy to the computer, such as Samsung Galaxy S8.

Tips: The driver will be automatically installed once you plug in your phones. And then your devices will be detected. Please wait with patience. If the handsets cannot be detected, retry to connect them.

Step 2. Select Contacts to Copy

When the two devices are connected and detected, the program will scan data in your Samsung Galaxy. Then you need to choose files in the middle menu to copy. Highlight "Contacts".

Select Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Copy

Step 3. Start Transferring Galaxy Phone Book

Click "Start Transfer" button. The program will start to clone phone number list in one Samsung Galaxy into another, for example, transfer from S8 to S9. The address book will be copied and pasted into the destination phone. When it is completed, click the "OK" button.

Tips: Please keep devices connected while transferring.

Start Transferring Contacts from Samsung Galaxy

That's the transferred contacts in Samsung Galaxy.

They who used FonePaw Mobile Transfer have smoothly moved phone books from the old Samsung Galaxy to the new. What are you still waiting for? Just press the download button. If you like the program, share it via Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.



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