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How to Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone or iPad

By Emily Watson, Monday, Dec. 21, 2015

After taking many great photos with your digital camera, you may wonder how to share these photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. or simply send them to your friends via iMessage or WhatsApp on your iPhone. However, do you know how to transfer photos from your camera to iPhone or iPad?

There are two ways can be used to accomplish this: the FonePaw iOS Transfer and the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter. FonePaw iOS Transfer enables you to copy pictures from camera straight to iPhone or iPad that running from iOS 6 to iOS 9, whereas the adapter allows you to transfer cameral photos to iPhone without a computer. What you should be noticed is that the latter method can only be used when your iPhone updated to iOS 9.2 and the later.

Now, let's take a closer look on how these two ways work.

Part 1: Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone/iPad with FonePaw iOS Transfer

Part 2: Import Photos from Camera to iPhone with Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

Part 1: Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone/iPad with FonePaw iOS Transfer

1. Download iOS Transfer program on your computer


Click the download icon below to get FonePaw iOS Transfer on your computer. After running the program, connect you camera and iOS device to the computer via USB cables. Your iPhone will be quickly recognized by the program while your camera will be listed under "My Computer" on your PC.

The Main Interface of iOS Transfer

2. Create a new photo album

Click "Photos" on the left sidebar to unfold the menu. Here, you can see many photo albums existing on your iPhone, such as Camera Roll and Photo Library. Now, you can also create a new album to save the photos on your Camera. Right click "Photos" tab and create "New Album". You can rename the album as you like.

Create New Photo Album

3. Add camera photos to iPhone

Click "Add" at the top menu. Then, find your camera name on computer and navigate to the DCIM folder. Now, select images you want from camera and click "Open" to add them on your iPhone or iPad.

Add Camera Photos to iPhone

Select Photos from Camera to iPhone iPad

Note: Photos in .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .tiff, .tif, .pcx, .ras, .tga, .wbmo, .xbm, .xpm format can all be imported into your iOS devices. If your photos are not in these formats, you should convert their formats first.

Part 2: Import Photos from Camera to iPhone with Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

With the release of iOS 9.2, you can now directly transfer pictures from camera to iPhone with a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.


• Update your iPhone to iOS 9.2 via Settings > General > Software Update.

• You need a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter or Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader. You can buy them for $29.

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad with USB adapter's one end. And the Second end of lighting cable should be connected with camera.

2. Start on your camera and turn on your iPhone or unlock it.

3. Tap Photos app on your iPhone. Then, you will find an option for importing photos. Press on "Import" and then your iPhone will show all the camera photos and videos.

4. Just select the photos you want to add into your device.  If you wish to select all, tap on "Import All".

5. After the transfer process, you will be asked to either "Delete" or "Keep" the pictures in camera. Choose the one appropriate for you.

Import Camera Photos to iPhone

6. All the imported photos will go into a new album called Imported Photos & Videos.


Both FonePaw iOS Transfer and USB Adapter can easily have camera to iPhone photo transfer task done. The main advantage of FonePaw iOS Transfer is that it not only imports photos from camera to iPhone, but it also do well in transferring photos, music, videos, movies, contacts, books, etc. between iOS device and PC/Mac. In addition, you can download the program immediately without wasting the delivery time. For USB Adapter, the distinguished feature is that you can finish photo transfer job without a computer. Just choose the way that meets your requirement.



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