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How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod

By Emily Watson, Friday, December 15, 2017

Designed and sold by Apple Inc., iPod is a multifunctional digital multimedia player that has gained widespread popularity around the world. Users are fond of iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPod nano or iPod classic. But it comes to  transfer music from computer to iPod, most of the users may select iTunes as a MP3 managing tool. iTunes is a good choice, but maybe we can try something better! 

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If you have try to copy music to iPod using iTunes, you should find out that the old music or playlists on your device woule be erased. Below you will learn how to transfer music from PC/Mac computer to iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle/Classic with or without iTunes. If you want to get an advanced way for the task, keep reading.

How to Copy Music from PC to iPod without iTunes

FonePaw iOS Transfer is a powerful transfer program that you'll need. Only a few clicks are enough to get music from computer or CD to iPod. It can also transfer music from iPod to computer to back them up. Now, you can scroll down and follow the guide to transfer music from computer to iPod without iTunes.

Step 1. Download FonePaw iOS Transfer

FonePaw offers free trial version for users. Now download and install it on your Windows computer. Then open it directly.


Step 2. Plug iPod into Computer

Connect your iPod to PC with the USB cable that came with it. Then you can see the basic information of your iPod in the main window. If you use iPod shuffle, iPod nano or iPod classic, FonePaw iOS Transfer will show "Media" and "Playlist" at left side menu bar; if you use iPod touch 4/5/6, you will see more file types such as "Photos", "Books", "Contacts" and "SMS".

Plug iPod into Computer

Step 3. Transfer Songs from Computer to iPod

Select "Media" at the left sidebar, then click "Music". Next, click the inverted triangle in "Add" button. Here you are able to add songs selectively or copy a music folder from your computer at a time.

Transfer Music from Computer to iPod

Note: If you want to transfer music from iPod to iPod, you will need to select those songs, and then click "Export to".

Isn't it quite streamlined and reasonably easy? Put on your earphones; enjoy your new music world.


How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod with iTunes

To transfer music from Windows PC or Mac computer to iPod, you can also try to use iTunes. Before you take any action, you should know that all of the synced MP3, songs, playlists, music, etc on your iPod would be covered when you copy music to the device with iTunes. Please be cautious! If it is totally fine for you, you can now follow the below guide to transfer music from computer to iPod with iTunes.

1. Get iTunes donwloaded and installed on your Windows or Mac and then launch it.

2. Add and import the music files or folders to iTunes library by going to "File > Add File to Library" on the iTunes screen.

3. Once your music is in iTunes, you need to connect your iPod to the computer.

4. Click your iPod and the "Music" tab in the sidebar.

5. Check "Sync Music" and then you can choose the entire music library or the selected playlists, artists, albums, genres.

Transfer Music from PC to iPod with iTunes

6. Click on the "Apply" button to transfer music to iPod.

Above is the whole guide to import music from Windows/Mac to iPod. If you have any question or any ideas to share, just write a comment on the box below!


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