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How to Transfer Music from Jailbroken iPhone to Computer

By Emily Watson, Monday, August 15, 2016

If you have your iPhone jailbroken, you don't want to miss the fun of additional applications or resources outside of App store or iTunes store. After all, that's the reason why many users get their iPhone jailbroken—to remove the restriction of iOS system and get access to more applications and extensions. For example, you might have downloaded plenty of awesome music from third-party apps on your iPhone. However, the thing is that when you want to enjoy these music files on your computer, you find that iTunes only allow you to transfer music purchased on iTunes store. That is to say, music downloaded from other sources on your jailbroken iPhone can't be transferred to computer via iTunes. So how can you transfer music from a jailbroken iPhone to computer? Here is a useful tool for you: the FonePaw iOS Transfer.

This software is an expert in data transfer between iOS devices, Mac and PC, which enables you to transfer music from your jailbroken iPhone to computer in simple two steps. You can not only get iPhone music on your computer folder, but also can directly transfer the music to iTunes Library on your computer. And more than just a data transferring tool, it can also be a data management assistant for you: you can delete songs from iPhone, add songs to iPhone, or edit information of music files on the program. To conclude, this is not an alternative of iTunes but a more powerful solution than iTunes.

Free download the trial version of FonePaw iOS Transfer.


Transfer Music from Jailbroken iPhone via FonePaw iOS Transfer

STEP 1 Connect Jailbroken iPhone to Computer

Launch the FonePaw program on the computer and plug your iPhone into computer using USB connection. In a few seconds, the program will detect the iPhone successfully, which you can tell when the name of your device appears on the program.

Connect Jailbroken iPhone to Computer

STEP 2 Transfer Music to Computer

Click "Media" on the left column, from the file types listed on the top, choose "Music". You can then see all songs in your jailbroken iPhone, whether they are from iTunes store or other sources. If the songs are in iTunes Library, you can tell from music logo next to "Rating". To export songs to computer folder, tick the songs you need and click "Export to"> "Export to PC" and choose a folder to save music from the pop-up window. To transfer music to iTunes Library, select "Export to"> "Export to iTunes Library".

Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer


  • If the folder iTunes library on your computer is removed from the default C drive to other hard drive, the songs can't be directly transferred to iTunes Library.

  • Right click a song, you can then choose to play the songs or edit the detailed information of the song from the drop-down list.

  • To delete songs, click the songs you want to delete, and choose "Delete". The songs will be removed from your jailbroken iPhone. It is convenient to delete songs in bulk with FonePaw iOS Transfer.

Play Music on FonePaw iOS Transfer

If you find it necessary to transfer movies, TV shows, Podcast or other audio files from your jailbroken iPhone to computer, it can also be easily done in two steps with FonePaw iOS Transfer.



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