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How to Transfer Music from iTunes to iPod (Or from iPod to iTunes)

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, July 16, 2019

So you've got a brand-new iPod touch 6, to make most of it, you want to put your iTunes music onto it; or you have songs on your iPod from other computer and now want to copy the music from iPod to your iTunes library, but either way, you will need a tool that can move music between iTunes and iPod.

This article will introduce 2 tools to transfer songs from iTunes to iPod or from iPod to iTunes - iTunes and FonePaw iOS Transfer. FonePaw iOS Transfer provides a direct way to add music to iPod from iTunes or vice versa. It is a great alternative if you are looking for a method to transfer music from PC to iPod without iTunes and syncing.

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FonePaw iOS Transfer is an easy-to-use program, which lets you transfer music among iOS devices, computer, and iTunes with no hassle. Not only can it help you add iTunes music to iPod selectively and manually, but it can also transfer music from iPod to iTunes directly. Moreover, you can create playlists, edit song details, manage songs on your iPod with this iOS Transfer tool.


Step 1: Run FonePaw iOS Transfer

Launch the program on your computer after downloading and installation. Then, use a USB cable to connect your iPod to computer. The program will start scanning your device and show your iPod information on the homepage.

Connect iPod to Computer

Step 2: Transfer Music from iTunes to iPod

In the homepage, click iTunes Library and select Sync iTunes to Device. It will show how many songs, movies, TV shows, etc. in your iTunes library.

iTunes Library

To sync music from iTunes to iPod, tick Music and click One-click to Device button. The tool will copy all songs from the iTunes library to your iPod without erasing the existing songs on the iPod.

Sync Music from iTunes to iPod

Tip: Manually Add Songs to iPod

The above method moves all iTunes music to your iPod, which is quick, but what if you want to select some songs from iTunes and add them to your iPod Touch? FonePaw iOS Transfer can also do so.

In the Music category, click "Add" > "Add File" / "Add Folder". You'll then taken to a new window where you can choose which songs you want from the iTunes library on your computer. 

Add Music Files to iOS Device

The followings are where iTunes music is stored on your computer.

  • Windows: \Users\username\My Music\iTunes\

  • Mac: In the Finder, choose Go > Home > Music > iTunes

Once you've selected your songs, the program will add the songs from iTunes library to your iPod.

How to Sync Music from iTunes to iPod

Of course, you can also use iTunes to sync iTunes music to your iPod Pro, Pod mini, iPod nano, iPod classic. However, you should remember that iTunes only allows an iPod to sync with only one iTunes library. You'll get the Sync and Erase notification when you try to sync your iPod with another iTunes library, which means that songs that are currently on your iPod but not in the current iTunes library will be removed.

Step 1: Connect your iPod to your computer and open iTunes.

Step 2: Once iTunes recognizes your iPod, click it and select Music.

Step 3: There will be several syncing options. You can select either "Entire music library" or "Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres". The former add all songs to your iPod while the latter allows you to download songs of certain playlists, artists, albums or genres to your iPod.

Step 4: Click the Sync button to begin the transfer.

Transfer Music from iTunes to iPod

If iTunes won't sync all songs to your iPod or you don't want to erase the existing music on your iPod, use FonePaw iOS Transfer instead.

Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes

iTunes can't transfer music from iPod to iTunes directly, which makes it a tedious job when you want to put songs from your iPod into the iTunes library on a new computer. FonePaw iOS Transfer can make it much easier to move songs from iPod to iTunes. Here is how the tool works.


Add Chosen Songs from iPod to iTunes

Open FonePaw iOS Transfer and connect your iPod. Go to Music and tick songs you want to put in the iTunes library. Click Export to iTunes. The selected songs on your iPod will be transferred to iTunes on your computer.

Export Music to iTunes

Transfer music from iPod to iTunes in One Click

After connecting your iPod to the tool, click iTunes Library > Sync Device to iTunes. Tick Music and click One-click to iTunes. After the process is completed, you can open iTunes and find all your iPod songs on the library.

Sync Music from iPod to iTunes

FonePaw iOS Transfer also supports transferring music, videos, photos, etc. from iPhone, iPad to iTunes and vice versa. It is an all-in-one tool to handle all data transfer needs of iOS devices.

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