How to Transfer Music from iPod to PC/iTunes

By Emily Watson, Wednesday, Dec 24, 2014

Most of us store music in two places: on our computer and on our iPod (or other MP3 player). But what if your computer crashed suddenly and brought away all your music? Or you may get a new computer and want to copy the music from iPod to the new computer iTunes library. iTunes make it easy for you to transfer music from PC to iPod, but clams up tight when you want to do the opposite.

Actually, there is a workaround. If you want to transfer music from iPod to computer or iTunes, the tool you need is FonePaw iOS Transfer. Since it is a unique two-way iPod music Transfer, this tool makes transferring, saving and sharing iPod songs much easier and quicker. It maintains your songs name, artist, album, genre, and other meta info and keep the music intact for you. Whatever songs you purchased from the iTunes Store, or imported from CD collection, can be transferred between iPod and PC/iTunes. Therefore, you don't need to worry losing any music.

Free download the trial version below and have a try.

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Transfer Music from iPod to Computer/iTunes

1. Connect iPod to PC after launching the program

When the program is downloaded and installed, double-click the icon "FonePaw iOS Transfer" on PC/desktop to launch it. Then connect your iPod touch with PC via a USB cable. After the device is detected, you can see iPod files on the left column.

Install and launch the FonePaw iOS Transfer

2. Transfer music from iPod to computer/iTunes

On the left-side column, click "Media" to show the media window on the right side. Click "Music" on the top line and you will see all music on iPod shown on the main window. Choose all of songs or the songs you need and click "Export to". When a small drop-down list pops up, select "Export to PC" or "Export to iTunes Library" to copy music from iPod to PC or iTunes as the way you want.

Transfer Songs from iPhone to PC

3. Listen to Music on Computer/iTunes

If you choose "Export to PC", a pop-up window will tell you to selelct a folder on your computer to save these music. When choosing "Export to iTunes Library", items will directly saved to iTunes library. Finally, you can see a progress bar which tells the number of item(s) exported successfully. You can click "Open Folder" to check it.

iPod Music Transferred Successfully

Note: If you have moved the iTunes library from C drive to other hard drive, you can't directly transfer music from iPod to iTunes. You need to copy the songs from iPod to computer first, then drag and drop those exported music to iTunes.

Additionally, if you have many playlists on your iPod touch, you can also move them to your computer. Click "Playlist" on the left column to show the playlist window. Choose the target playlist and click "Export to".

FonePaw iOS Transfer fully supports all series of iPod including iPod touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, etc. It transfers songs, videos, photos and even playlists from your iPod and move them to a computer folder or into your iTunes library. This iPod music transfer also completely support all types of media content on your iPod, including Music, movies, TV shows, videos, audiobooks, iTunes U, podcasts.

Windows Version DownloadMac Version Download


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