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How to Transfer Videos from iPhone to iPhone

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2015

"With less than one day until the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus launch in twelve countries, customers have begun forming lines at Apple Stores around the world to purchase one of the new devices." – Tech News from

Maniacs of Apple cannot wait upgrading their old iPhone to the latest when Apple Inc. announced the release of iPhone 6s/6s Plus. After that, many face the same problem of data transmission. And, amongst them, many are movie lovers. They are desired to transfer videos from iPhone to iPhone as soon as possible. So here we are, ready to share tips and tricks on video transmission with FonePaw Mobile Transfer.

FonePaw Mobile Transfer is the mobile data copy tool leader that provides solutions to copy various data, videos for example. Users can copy movies downloaded from the Internet, purchased from iTunes Store, captured by the mobile camera. This one-click transfer companion can complete the task in minutes. And the risk-free software well protects files during the progress. So there's no data loss.


Step 1. Connect ole iPhone and New iPhone 6s/6s Plus to PC

Match the source device (old iPhone) and the target device (new iPhone) to the computer. Trust the computer by hitting the button "Trust" on the pop-up note of iPhone.

Note: You can click the button "Switch" to adjust the positions of the two phones.

Connect Two iPhones to PC

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan

When two phones are detected, you can choose file types to scan. Select "Media". Then click the button "Start Transfer". This will enable the program to start copying data to PC.

Select Video Files to New iPhone

Step 3. Copy Videos from iPhone to iPhone

FonePaw program is cloning movies, TV shows, MV, etc. to the new iPhone. Wait until the bar is completed. When transmission is done, click the button "OK" to finish the task.

Transfer Videos from iPhone to iPhone

Well done! You have successfully copied videos to the new iPhone. To move movies between other phones, please read also:

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