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How to Transfer Pictures from iPhone to Android

By Emily Watson, Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015

You are leaping at the chance of leaving the iOS for the Android world. And why not? Although iPhone is hugely popular in the smartphone market, you have much more choices of Android. Numerous Android-powered devices are less expensive. They have more powerful hardware and allow users to personalize the device. But when switching to the new camp, there are series of "compulsory subjects" you need to grasp. One of them is how to transfer pictures from iPhone to Android. For many, transmission between two totally various platforms is a touchy subject. However, for FonePaw Mobile Transfer, this is as easy as winking. (Going the other way? See How to Transfer Photos from Android to iPhone)

FonePaw Mobile Transfer is cost-effective in the realm of mobile data transfer. The highlighted feature of this program is one-click transfer. As it implies, the program can copy and paste your files with one press on the Start Transfer button. Images in .jpg, .png format and more are transferable. You can transfer pictures of high quality to the destination phone.


Easily Copy Pictures from iPhone to Android

Step 1. Connect iPhone to Android

Install FonePaw Mobile Transfer on a Windows computer (Windows 10/8/7/Vista). Then you are required to connect devices to the computer with the USB cable. The program will instantly detect your devices.

If connection fails, click here and figure out what to do when failing to connect the Android/iOS device.

Connect iPhone and Android devices on PC

Step 2. Select File Types to Clone

FonePaw program will promptly scan data in your source device. Files including contacts, photos, and audios/videos can be detected. Mark "Photos" and then select "Start Transfer". The program will start to move iPhone photos to Android.

Select iPhone Photos to Transfer

Step 3. Copy iPhone Pictures to Android with One Click

The software is copying data. You can view the progress and see the statue of every item from the task list. Note that you should keep the devices connected when transferring.

Completed iPhone Pictures to Android Transfer

When transmission is done, you can click "OK" to complete the process. Go to your Android phone/tablet. See?

364 items have been moved to the destination phone. Then you can set whichever one as wallpaper of your Android, share them with friends, etc. Enjoy.

Transfer iPhone Pictures to Android Device

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