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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android Phone

By Emily Watson, Friday, Sept. 04, 2015

"I have some friends who have not stopped snapping and capturing every precious moment during the growth of their babies with their iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5. But when switching to the newly released Android like Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge/Note 5, HTC One M9, LG G4, etc., it is a headache to transfer all the photos from iPhone to Android."

Despite great strides in digital imaging of smartphone, there are sometimes obstacles when transferring numerous images. No fear! Let's see how the ideal program FonePaw Mobile Transfer solve this problem.

FonePaw Mobile Transfer is a photo transfer that can be depicted with the phrases "super easy to use", "almost automatic", and "instant set up". To be exact, you can effortlessly launch the program, then select photos, and copy all the photos in your iPhone with one click. Steps below will dilate on how it works.


Transfer Every Precious Moment from iPhone to Android

Step 1. Connect Handsets to Windows Computer

First of all, open FonePaw Mobile Transfer on your Windows PC. Then connect your old iPhone and new Android to the PC with USB cables. The program will install a driver and then detect your devices. Please wait with patience.

Plug iPhone and Android Devices to Computer

Step 2. Select File Type to Transfer

When the plug-in devices successfully connected, map the field of "Photos" in the middle menu. This will enable the program to copy and paste your iPhone pictures to Android. Then click the button "Start Transfer". FonePaw Mobile Transfer will instantly clone all the images files in your iPhone, including items in camera roll and photo stream.

Select iPhone Photos to Android Transfer

Step 3. Check Transferred Images on Android

The program is transferring your pictures to the Android. This can take few minutes. Please wait with patience. When the blue bar is full, in other words, 364 items have been migrated, select the button "OK".

Check Transferred Image on Android Device

It is high time you went to the Android phone and check. Done! You can share the photos with your friends, set whichever one you like as wallpaper or your WhatsApp profile image, and so forth.

Transfer iPhone Photos to Android

In addition, it is available to transfer videos and music from iPhone to Android. If your find this program helps or have any questions, leave your comments.



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