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How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to LG G6

By Emily Watson, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015

"I'm moving off iOS and back to Android with LG G6 today. What's the best way to transfer stuff (contacts for example) from iPhone to LG G6?" - By Tomson

According to Tomson, the last time he was on Android can be dated back to 2012, and he has been on iOS since then. The man feels like missing a lot of Android features and he's excited to get back. But there also comes the difficulty. He has no idea of transferring contacts.

I try not to sound like a complete noob but I truly want to recommend the powerful software - FonePaw Mobile Transfer to do this job.

FonePaw Mobile Transfer empowers users to migrate the phone book in the old iPhone SE/5s/5/5c/6/6s to the new LG G6/G5/V30/V20. This, I believe, can be one of the easiest ways among all kinds of methods. In addition to the speedy transfer, the program can copy and paste the complete contents in the phone book, such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, job titles, and so on. Both the demo version and the full version are available, just download or buy one and have a try.


Step 1. Connect iPhone and LG G6 to PC

Run FonePaw Mobile Transfer on your Windows PC. Connect your old iPhone and LG to the computer. Trust your computer on your iPhone. Then enable USB debugging and turn on "PTP" mode on LG. They will be detected by the program immediately.

Note: Ensure that iTunes have installed on the computer.

Connect LG and iPhone to PC

Step 2. Select File Types to Copy

When your devices are connected and detected, the program will scan files in the iPhone. When you get options of file types, you can choose a specific file types to copy from iPhone to LG G6. Select the box that is followed by "Contacts".

Select iPhone Contacts

Step 3. Copy and Paste Phone Book to iPhone

Click the button "Start Transfer" in the middle pane. FonePaw program will clone and paste the whole phone book in the origin iPhone to the target LG G6. Wait for a few minutes. The process is quite fast itself but it depends on the data on the source phone.

Note: The program will convert files before copying. You can select the conversion standard by going to "Menu" at the upper right corner > "Preference". High standard need more time to convert. Normal quality, which is recommended, will be worse than high quality, but conversion time will be less. However, low quality use least time to convert and do not guarantee the quality.

Transfer iPhone Contacts to LG G3

When all the items are copied, click "OK" and finish the process. The program has successfully moved contacts from iPhone to LG G6. Check your LG phone. You will find the duplicated phone book from Android.

Transfer iPhone Contacts to LG Phone

Feature Highlights:

• Easy to install.

• Occupies few storage memory in the PC.

• Couple with simple operation direction, allowing users to navigate easily.



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