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How to Transfer Contacts from HTC One to Samsung Galaxy

By Emily Watson, Monday, August 24, 2015

These days, more and more users are thinking about changing their phones between HTC One and Galaxy as the two big brands are completing with each other in the Android smartphone wars. The first challenge users need to face when switching phones is data transfer. Among them, transferring contacts scores the most significant so as to make phone calls, send emails, send text messages to someone, etc. This is what drives me to write the article and show how to transfer contacts from HTC 11/10/M9/M8/M7/A9/ to Samsung S9/S8/S7/Note8 with the easily used program FonePaw Mobile Transfer.

FonePaw Mobile Transfer is competent to copy and paste phone book including name, phone number, job title, company, email addresses, etc. from one Android to another, for instance, from HTC One to Samsung Galaxy. The contents will be copied so that it is the same as the original one. And what's more, it is risk-free.


Step 1. Connect HTC and Samsung to PC

Run FonePaw Mobile Transfer.

Connect HTC One and Samsung Galaxy to PC.

Connect HTC One and Samsung Galaxy to PC

Step 2. Select Contacts to Transfer

When your HTC One and Samsung Galaxy are successfully connected to PC, select "Contacts" in the list. This will set the program to copy phone number list only so that it can save more time.

Select All Contacts of HTC One

Step 3. Start to Transfer and Migrate Contacts

Click "Start Transfer". The program will clone and ship phone books from HTC to Samsung Galaxy. This step can take some time. Please wait with patience.

Transfer and Migrate Contacts

Go to Samsung phone and check the result.

Check Contacts on Your Samsung Galaxy

Similarly, it is also available to transfer media files between two Android with FonePaw Mobile Transfer.


After transferring contacts to Samsung, you can back them up with Samsung Kies:

Step 1. Click "contacts" under the "Library" column. If it's your first time to use Library, a box will occur asking you to open the CSV, vCard file stored in your computer.

Step 2. Select contacts you want, and click the button "Transfer to device" to start the synchronization. When the process ends, you can check the contacts in your phone.

With these tips, you are able to fix all transferring cases to the new Android phones, even though you have purchased the new Samsung S8/S8 Plus.


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