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How to Transfer Contacts from HTC Phone to iPhone

By Emily Watson, Monday, Sept. 07, 2015

Transfer HTC Contacts to iPhone Question

Why it is so difficult to transfer contacts from HTC to iPhone as the above example we quote from That's because sometimes the transfer tool helps us copy and paste only parts of the information. For example, it can only transfer the email address other than names, phone numbers, job title, etc. All you need is a reliable assistant that can completely copy the contact info.

I highly recommend FonePaw Mobile Transfer, a software aims to easily and quickly clone and move all the contact info from one phone to another, for example, from HTC U11 to iPhone 8. Although the two devices respectively work on different OS, the program can ship the address book from one port to another with the whole phone book packed. Below is a nice experience of this program.


Step 1. Connect HTC and iPhone 6 Plus

Open FonePaw program on your PC. You will see the home interface that requires you to connect you phones. Plug in the HTC phone and iPhone. The software will instantly install a driver and then detect the devices.

Connect HTC Phone and iPhone 6 Plus

Step 2. Select File Types to Copy and Transfer

When both HTC Android phone and iPhone 6 Plus are successfully detected, files on the destination phone will be read. See the field in the middle. The contact list contains 250 items. Tick the box followed by "Contacts".

Select File Types to Copy and Transfer the Contacts

Step 3. Transfer HTC Phone Book to iPhone

Click the button "Start Transfer". This will enable the program to clone the phone book on your HTC phone. It can take a few minutes. Please wait with patience. When the progress bar is completely filled, click the "OK" button to end the process.

Transfer HTC Phone Book to iPhone

That's all. The address book has been moved to iPhone. Now you can call your friends on this new phone.

Transfer Contacts from HTC Android Device to iPhone

After transferring, back up all your contacts on the iPhone to Windows PC, Mac, or Gmail so that you will own them forever. Any questions related to the steps are welcomed. Just leave them in the below section and let us know!



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