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How to Transfer Files from PC to iPhone

By Emily Watson, Friday, March 20, 2020

We've all had this experience: we store a lot of photos, songs, movies, audio books, etc. on our computer and sometimes we want to access them easily. However, it is very inconvenient to bring the heavy PC with you all the time. Well, it would be a good idea to transfer these contents to iPhone that always follows you.

There are many ways that you can transfer files from PC to iPhone. The most common way is to connect your device to a computer and use iTunes. However, some iOS users don't like to use iTunes as it is a bit cumbersome.

If you're searching for an easy way to transfer files from computer to iPhone without iTunes, FonePaw DoTrans is a good choice. This program enables you to copy photos, music, contacts, playlists, movies, TV shows and podcasts, etc. from PC to iPhone. It's only in 2 steps, and you'll successfully migrate files from PC to iPhone XS/XR/X/8 Plus.

Free download this terrific software and give it a shot.


Transfer Files from PC to iPhone via USB without iTunes

Step 1: Connect iPhone to the PC

Download, install and launch the program on your computer and connect iPhone to the computer with an USB cable. You will see the interface as below.

Connect iPhone to DoTrans

Step 2: Transfer files from PC to iPhone

In the primary window, you can see Music, Photos, Contacts, and more. By clicking each category, you can see more items, e.g: as for Music, you will see music, iTunes U, podcast, ringtones and more.

Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone:

Go to Music > click "+" button, then choose songs you want to move from PC. If the music format is not suitable, this program will automatically convert them before adding them to your iPhone. You can create a new playlist or move songs to the other playlist with this program.

Transfer Music Files to iPhone from PC

Add Photos from PC to iPhone:

Click "Photos" in the left panel and then choose "Camera Roll" or "Photo Library" folder and hit the "+" button. You can browse the pictures on your computer and import those you need into iPhone.

Transfer Photos Files to iPhone from PC

Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone:

As for Videos, simply choose Videos at the left-side menu, then click "+" > "Add Files" to select movies, TV shows, iTunes U, etc. from computer to your iPhone.

Add Playlist to iPhone

Transfer Contacts from Computer to iPhone:

To move contacts from PC to iPhone, select Contacts, then click "Import to device" icon. Here you can choose import from CSV or vCard file.

Import Contacts from PC to iPhone

That's it! You can find the files that transferred on your iPhone now. FonePaw DoTrans also supports transferring files from iPhone to PC or from iPhone to other iOS Devices. It is a kind of practical software for you to transfer data among PC, Mac, iOS devices and iTunes. In a word, to manage data easily, this software is indispensable.


Transfer Files from Windows PC to iPhone with iTunes

Although some iOS users don't like iTunes for it is cumbersome, you can give it a try if you have already downloaded it on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. 

Step 1 Connect your phone to the PC. 

Step 2 Click the device button in the top-left window. Then select the files you want to sync. For example, to sync photos from computer to iPhone, click Photos > Sync Photos > Copy Photos from... and choose the folder you've stored your photos on the PC. 

Copy Photos In iTunes

Step 3 Click Apply and open iTunes on your iPhone, the photos will be transferred. 

Transfer Files from PC to iPhone Using iCloud Drive(without USB)

Just like most apps, iCloud is like a gate for you to access your files on the phone and computer. 

Step 1 Go to the Apple iCloud website to download and install the iCloud drive. 

Step 2 Find the iCloud Drive folder on your computer and drag the files you need into it. 

Drag Photos To iCloud Drive

Step 3 If you have turned on iCloud for photos, Keynotes, Numbers, Pages and more, you should find the files are synced from computer to your iPhone in the corresponding app. 

Remember to sign in with the same account on your computer and the phone.  

Transfer Files from PC to iPhone with Email

Using Email is also a way to transfer files to iPhone. You just need one Email address. But you should be noticed that the process will be influenced by your internet speed. If you have loads of files to transfer from PC to iPhone, it would be slow or stuck sometimes. 

Step 1 Pack up your files into a folder on the computer and compress it as an attachment. 

Step 2 Add the attachment to your Email. 

Step 3 Check the mail on your iPhone and download it to your phone. 

Can I Send Files from PC to iPhone using Bluetooth 

Now, you may wonder why don't we just use Bluetooth to move files from PC to iPhone? It is so convenient and we don't need to download any other programs. 

Well, the truth is iPhone does not support files transferring via Bluetooth. 

For the sake of copyright and privacy protection, the Bluetooth in iPhone only uses for listening to music or answering the phone. You can still transfer and or sync data among your Mac and iOS devices through AirDrop

Therefore, due to the device compatibility, you'd better try the four methods above.

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  • pauleggermann

    After a restore my iphone5 locked up. i bought recover and restore and tried to download my contacts back onto the phone. I got the names and email addresses but no telephone numbers. i looked at the CVS file and it has 42 columns with all the phone numbers, but they did not come over. how do I fix this problem?

    2014-12-08 10:24

  • FonePaw

    Hi Paul, You can use FonePaw iOS Transfer to transfer CSV file from computer to your iPhone. Free download it and try it on your computer.

    2014-12-08 10:24