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How to Transfer Contacts from LG G6/5 to iPhone

By Emily Watson, Wednesay, Sept. 09, 2015

When upgrading your LG G5 to iPhone 6s Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus, the most important thing on the to-do-list should be, with no doubts, transferring the contacts since it is so useful that you cannot maintain your social life without it. Let me further explain it. You call your contacts, send messages or emails to them, add people to WhatsApp or Facebook, etc. with the help of the phone book. Unless you can recall all the phone numbers as well as other contact info without the address book on the smartphone, you will not able to keep in touch with them. Now FonePaw Mobile Transfer is coming to your rescue.

FonePaw Mobile Transfer is designed to clone and migrate all kinds of data in your smartphone, especially the contact list. With the help of FonePaw solution, transferring contacts will be a cinch. Just connect your LG G6/G5/G4/V30/V20 and iPhone to PC and then click the mouse, everything can be done in minutes.


Get Respired of How to Do It

Step 1. Bridge Devices to PC

Launch FonePaw Mobile Transfer on your Windows PC. Then connect your LG phone and iPhone to PC. Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your LG phone. Then pulldown the dropdown menu and select "PTP" mode. In your iPhone select "Trust" on the pop-up.

Step 2. Select File Types to Transfer

When you see the list showing file types and amount of the origin phone, tick "Contacts". This will enable the phone to copy phone book in your Android only so as to save time. You can tick the option "Remove the chosen data on Target Device before copy". Old phone book in your iPhone will be overwritten by the new one.

Select Contacts to Transfer from LG G3

Step 3. Start Copying Contacts to iPhone

Click "Start Transfer". The FonePaw program will start the copy progress. Wait for minutes. When it is done, click the button "OK".

Completed Transferring Contacts of LG Phone

Go to your iPhone. See? The phone book from LG has been moved, containing the detailed info of the contact. You can share these info with others via WhatsApp, Airdrop, etc.

Transfer All Contacts from LG G3 to iPhone

Hope this guideline helps. And questions? Just leave them below. You comment is significant for us. In addition to FonePaw Mobile Transfer, there are many other solutions offered by our team, just visit our homepage.



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