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How to Transfer Audiobooks from iPhone to iPhone

By Emily Watson, Sunday, May 29, 2016

Do you like reading books? With the development of technology, nowadays people are inclined to read books on iPhone or iPad. However, what if you are on the way to school or work? What if you are doing chores? What if you are doing something else while you simply cannot take your eyes off them? You can listen to audiobooks. If you are a fan of audiobooks, sometime you may want to share your favorite audiobooks with friends, or you want to transfer those audiobooks from iPhone to iPhone after you bought a new one. Do you know how to do so? This post is definitely helpful for you, please scroll down and read on!

FonePaw iOS Transfer aims to offer more help and convenience for mobile users, which empowers you to transfer audiobooks, PDF and ePub files from iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to iPad with ease. This program is not only helpful in transferring audiobooks from iPhone to iPhone, but useful in adding audiobooks or deleting audiobooks on iPhone 7/7 Plus/SE/6s/6/5s. Now, we are going to show you how to copy audiobooks from iPhone to iPhone. Follow simple steps and have a try!


Send Audiobooks from iPhone to iPhone

Step 1. Download, install and open FonePaw iOS Transfer

First of all, download and install the program on your PC, and then launch FonePaw iOS Transfer and connect both of iPhone via USB cable to the computer.

Connnect Both iPhone to Computer

Step 2. Go to "Media" > "Audio Books"

After a while, you can see the two of your iPhones have been displayed on the left sidebar. Choose "Media" under the name of the iPhone in which you stored audiobooks, and then go to "Audio Books". After loading, a list of all your audiobooks will appear on the interface.

Step 3. Select files, and "Export to"

Select those you want to transfer, and choose "Export to". You are empowered to export those to PC, to iTunes Library, or another device. To share audiobooks between iPhones, choose the name of the destination iPhone, and then your audiobooks will be successfully exported.

Transfer Audiobooks from iPhone to iPhone

With 3 simple steps, you will successfully complete the transfer of audiobooks between iDevices. As such a helpful tool, FonePaw iOS Transfer will do much more than that. You can also transfer podcasts, music, TV shows and more from iPhone to iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac/PC, and vice versa. Now, download FonePaw iOS Transfer and have a free trial!



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