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How to Transfer Videos & Music from Android to Android

By Emily Watson, Thursday, August 20, 2015

Android, the mainstreamed operating system of mobile phones and tablets, wins big market share to some extent owing to the practical and high-tech features like supporting playing songs and movies. For many die-hard fans, they have more than one Android devices to save media files, enjoy movies and music anytime anywhere. And here comes the problem: How can they transfer media files between two Android devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android 4.4 KitKat, Android 4.1/4.2/4.3 Jelly Bean, etc. since there is not a native companion to help transferring? Let us revealed the answer.

The answer is FonePaw Mobile Transfer, a well-known software especially designed to migrate data for smartphones like Android. This program allows you to select, copy, and ship media files including captured videos, downloaded movies, purchased songs, audios download from WhatsApp. The content will not be cut but completely cloned. You can download one and navigate its great features.


Migrate Movies and Music from Google Nexus 9 to Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Step 1. Open FonePaw Mobile Transfer

Run the program on PC.

When you see the home interface as below, connect Nexus 9 and Galaxy Tab S to PC with the USB cables that came with them.

Note: Make sure you have installed an Android USB drive on your PC and turned USB debugging on Android devices.

Connect Two Mobile Devices

Step 2. Select Media to Copy and Paste

When the interface change into that as the screenshot shows, it is high time you need to select file types to copy. To migrate the movies or music, highlight "Media".

Select Media to Copy and Transfer

Step 3. Start Cloning Files between Android Tablets

Click the "Start Transfer" button and initiate the process. This can take some time to complete. But it depends on the quantity of the files.

Transferring Video and Music Files Between Android Phones

When the progress bar is completely full, you are required to click the "OK" button and end the process. Go to your tablets, you will find that 140 media files have been moved.

Transfer Media Files from Android to Another

To move large files such as songs and movies which are saved in the external SD card of your Android devices, you can turn to Bluetooth. However, this will take more time and is not as handy as FonePaw Mobile Transfer. And if you are in need of shipping contacts, this program also works.



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