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How to Transfer Data from Android to Computer

By Emily Watson, Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It is very common for us to transfer data from Android device to computer, for example, the photos that taken on Samsung S6, the movies downloaded on Nexus 10. To transfer phone files, we often use USB to connect Android devices to PC. The method is very straightforward, but we find it difficult to recognize the files that we need among various folders of the Android devices. Wish there is a tool that can organize files on devices and make it easier for you to transfer data to computer? Then FonePaw Android Data Recovery is what you are looking for.

It is a data management program designed for Android Users. It can detect both existing and deleted files on Android devices, list the files in different categories, contacts, WhatsApp messages, videos, audio, etc., and transfer the files to computer in different formats. For example, you might save your phone contacts on computer in VCF or HTML format. Moreover, this FonePaw program supports data management for Android devices running on Android 2.1 - 6.0.1, including Samsung, HTC, Moto, Sony and more.

Click download button below and get access to the free trial version of FonePaw Android Data Recovery.


Transfer Data from Android to Computer

STEP 1 Connect Android Device to Computer

Run FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your PC and plug your Android device into the PC with the USB cable. There will be a prompt instructing you to enable USB debugging on the device. Open the device and turn on USB debugging by following the instruction.

USB Debugging Instruction

STEP 2 Scan Files on Android Device

After connecting the device to PC, you will be leaded to the Choose File Type page. You might choose Select All to scan all files on the device or you can tick some file types. To save your time, if you intend to transfer just some of the data on the device, it is recommendable to select the certain file types to shorten the scanning time. After you have made your choices, click Next.

Choose File Type

To scan the deleted files, the program needs permission to read data on your device. If you need to transfer the deleted files, check you device and tap "Allow/Grant/Authorize". If you don't need the deleted files, just fail the permission and click Continue Scanning. The program will then begin to scan files on your devices, and you can oversee the whole scanning process.

Allow Access to Android Device

STEP 3 Transfer Data to Computer

After finishing the scanning, the program will display data on your device in different category. Click the file type to find the data that you need. For example, to find a photo, click Gallery and Picture Library on the left column and preview the photo. Tick the files that you want and click Recover. For data types like contact, message, you might choose to store the files on computer in different formats.

Transfer Data to Computer

Please see below for the detail about the different formats that you can choose to save a certain type of file.

Contact: VCF/CSV/HTML;

Message: CSV/HTML;

Call history: HTML;



Audio: AAC/MP3/WAV;


Just like that, you have successfully transferred the data on Android devices to your computer. Besides transferring data, FonePaw Android Data Recovery is also an expert on recovering deleted files on Android device.



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