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How to Submit FonePaw Mobile Transfer Log Files

By Emily Watson, Friday, Jan. 01, 2016

FonePaw Mobile Transfer, which is upgraded to version 1.2.0, has been fixed its majority of bugs. Some users who use this program may still encounter some issues because of this or that. To assist designers in enhancing the performance of the program, users can submit log files of the program when problems occur.

Step 1. Select Feedback Icon

Open FonePaw Mobile Transfer on your computer. Make sure that your computer is connected to an available Internet access.

Select Feedback Option

Step 2. Submit FonePaw Mobile Transfer Log Files

Enter your email address. Then tick "Attach the log file". Also you can attach an attachment of a screenshot or anything else about the error. And please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or errors you encountered in the blank. We will keep improving the software step by step. After that, press the "Submit" button.

Submit Log Files of FonePaw Mobile Transfer

We should have received your log files if you followed the guide step by step. This will help us to conduct the improvement plan of the program. So once errors occur, just feel free to submit the log file. Your feedback is always welcomed.


Thank you for providing feedback!