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How to Restore Lost Pictures from Moto X

By Emily Watson, Sunday, May 01, 2016

A Picture Loss Case

"April 15rd, I did a stupid thing. In order to clean up and accelerate my Moto X, I delete some folders and thus deleted all my honeymoon pictures from last week. They are so important to me and there doesn't seem to be a way to restore lost pictures from Moto X by Republic Wireless. According to them, there is no way, the pictures are gone. I have read some of Republic Wireless threads and other associated websites and that information seems to be contrary."

If you want to recover deleted pictures from your Android phone, you can turn to FonePaw Android data recovery. This is a prominent program in the field of Android photo recovery. For FonePaw Android Data Recovery, it is a piece of cake to get back PNG, JPG, JPEG files and more. The program is 100% clean and safe, without any virus, adds-on, and more.


Restore Lost Pictures from Moto X

Step 1. Plug Moto X to PC/Mac

Launch FonePaw Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then plug the Moto X phone into the computer with USB cable. After that, check USB debugging mode on the phone.

Connect Android Phone to PC

Step 2. Select Data Types to Scan

Your Moto X has been connected. You can choose data types to scan. Mark "Gallery" and "Picture Library". Then click the "Next" button and move on.

Select Pictures from Android Devices

Step 3. Allow Superuser Request on Android

There should be a Superuser Request on the Android. Head to your Moto X phone. Tap the "Allow"/ "Authorize"/ "Grant" button. FonePaw Android Data Recovery will enter and access your phone. Then it will scan for deleted pictures in your Moto phone.

Allow FonePaw Program to Scan Your Android Phone

Step 4. Restore Lost Pictures from Moto X

When scanning is completed, check ""Gallery" and "Picture Library". Then preview files in details. After that, mark whichever ones you are intended to regain. Click the "Recover" button. FonePaw Android Data Recovery will restore lost pictures from Moto X.

Recover Deleted Pictures from Android to Computer

Note that most picture loss is caused by accidental deletion, particularly when you delete some folders and clean up the phone. So pay attention to the SD card category and get to know which folders you can remove.



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